SpaceX reschedule Falcon 9 Rocket launch on May 11

SpaceX reschedule Falcon 9 Rocket launch on May 11

SpaceX reschedule Falcon 9 Rocket launch on May 11

The launch of Bangladesh's first geostationary communications satellite was originally set for Thursday afternoon, but was scrubbed a minute before blast off.

After stage separation, SpaceX will try to land it on a floating platform "of Course I still love you" in the Atlantic ocean.

What is Block 5?

The block 5 first stage has parts that have been redesigned to lessen the amount of refurbishing work needed to ready the booster for another launch and also increase safety to a level that will allow SpaceX to eventually take NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.

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As has become common for SpaceX, the Falcon 9's first stage will attempt to fly itself back to a landing on an offshore droneship after boosting Bangabandhu 1 out of the thick lower atmosphere.

The Block 5's main upgrades revolve around two features: engines and shielding.

Musk said he'd like to see a single Block 5 rocket fly three or four times by the end of 2018. This boost nearly doubles the rocket's potential payload to 50,000 pounds, according to Business Insider's Dave Mosher. Previous ones included Turkmenistan's TurkmenAlem satellite in April 2015 and Bulgaria's Bulgariasat-1 in June 2017. The Block 5 sports numerous upgrades created to make the rocket easier to reuse.

Until now, SpaceX has only ever used any of its boosters twice. Those fins are now made from titanium, rather than aluminum, which should prevent melting during reentry. Thus, the first step is stored for reuse. "The new grid fins should be capable of taking a scorching and being fine".

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To improve the rocket's reusability, engineers strengthened heat shields in numerous places and boosted engine thrust. But so far, it has relaunched 11 of its workhorse Falcon 9 rockets, one time each. "Falcon 9 Block 5 is created to be capable of 10 or more flights with very limited refurbishment as SpaceX continues to strive for rapid reusability and extremely high reliability".

The new rocket is SpaceX's latest innovation to increase the reusability of its launching system.

All of these changes aim to reduce the cost of launches, which Mosher estimates could drop by $20 million or more. The block 5 upgrades are created to meet the stringent safety requirements for such missions.

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