Google says it's designing Duplex with "disclosure built-in"

Malicious Siri commands can be hidden in music and innocuous-sounding speech recordings

Researchers Reveal Hidden Audio Techniques Designed To Activate Voice Assistants

Google made multiple major announcements on Tuesday related to the future of its assistant. The Google Assistant will get six new voices to choose from, including John Legend, an American singer-songwriter. Well, it couldn't be simpler, so follow along here, and we'll walk you through the whole process.

"It is something that we are really thoughtful about and thinking hard, about how we bring this to market", said Lillian Rincon, Product Management Director for the Google Assistant during a media briefing at Google I/O in Mountain View, California. It'll show you which apps you use and for how long, and it provides other important info as well.

According to the coverage in the Times, both Amazon and Google have taken measures to protect their smart speakers and voice assistants against such manipulations.

Click the blue icon at the top right of the Google Assistant box.

Tap the three-dot menu button.

Iran nuclear deal should be preserved despite U.S. withdrawal: Russian FM
Within Iran, it could empower hardliners while weakening the moderate camp that has sought better relations with the West. After 10 hours together, Netanyahu said he conveyed Israel's obligation to defend itself against Iranian aggression.

Let's see what that "right approach" will be.

In addition to the above, Google Assistant also gets Custom Routines.

Follow the remaining steps listed above, and you're all set!

The new shush mode feature in the Android P will help turn off all notifications, buzzes, sounds, and pings if you rest it on its screen.

That's because Google has added six additional voices to Assistant, almost tripling the total after it added a male voice in October of 2017.

Apple invests $10M in greenhouse gas-free aluminum smelting
Apple helped develop a joint venture between two mining corporations that lead to a breakthrough in clean aluminum smelting. Apple said it had engineers looking for a greener way of producing aluminum, which is used in many Apple products.

Voice 4 - (Male) - A mid-range tone.

Voice 8 - (Male) - A very low-toned voice.

This is, however, not the first time we are hearing about Android Things from Google. That means any device connected to your Google account - whether it's your phone, tablet, or Google Home hardware - will feature this new tone. When used with such smart home devices, the virtual assistant can be instructed to use different voices when replying to certain users.

Gmail gets smarter: Smart Compose, the dandy new feature is a machine learning based feature which not only predicts words, but entire phrases are rendered - just keep hitting the Tab button and Google will keep auto-completing sentences. In doing so, you could essentially override the message the voice assistant is supposed to receive and substitute it with sounds that will be interpreted differently, thus giving the voice assistant a different command that would be virtually unrecognizable to the human ear.

USA regrets asking Canadian minister to remove turban
He said the issue "speaks to discrimination" and was the first time that's happened to him, adding that USA officials apologised. But the minister says his position should not have mattered and that procedures were not followed properly in the incident.

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