Hair loss breakthrough: Osteoporosis drug fights male and female baldness

Hair loss breakthrough: Osteoporosis drug fights male and female baldness

Hair loss breakthrough: Osteoporosis drug fights male and female baldness

Scientists have discovered that drugs created to treat osteoporosis, can be used as a tool to prevent baldness, reports the BBC.

"It could one day make a real difference to people who suffer from hair loss", he said.

Now, there are two hair loss drugs available, the finasteride and minoxidil, which have a mixed reviews and results.

There are now two types of drugs aimed at treating male pattern baldness, minoxidil and finasteride, but neither are available on the NHS, and neither promise drastic results. This led to the discovery that CsA reduces the expression of SFRP1, a protein that inhibits the development and growth of many tissues, including hair follicles.

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The osteroporosis drug - known as WAY-316606 - stimulated follicles to sprout growing hairs by targeting a protein that plays a key role in baldness.

The study at the University of Manchester suggests the answer could lie in an experimental drug created to treat the brittle bone disease, osteoporosis.

The next step, Dr Hawkshaw states, is for a clinical trial to be undertaken so it can be determined whether or not WAY-316606 is safe, and if it will end up finding its way into the hands, and scalps, of consumers. The research work finds its way into the journal named Public Library of Science Biology.

Cyclosporine A has been commonly used since the 1980s as a crucial drug that suppresses transplant rejection and autoimmune diseases. It also is able to do so without the negative side effects that CsA brings.

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The Osteoporosis drug proves to be a boon to stimulate the hair growth in follicles.

Unlike similar drugs, WAY-316606 comes without any nasty side effects, making it more suitable to treat baldness.

It started with a hunt for novel agents to treat male pattern baldness, it marked down few candidates that were recognized to have hair growth as a outcome owing to their other damaging effects. The only other alternative open to individuals facing hair loss is transplantation process. The research concludes the active switching of the hair follicles to the hair growth phase. The only alternate to drugs is a hair transplant which several celebrities have opted for.

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