Google Maps Goes Beyond Directions and Gets Personal

Google Maps Goes Beyond Directions and Gets Personal

Google Maps Goes Beyond Directions and Gets Personal

With Google Maps, you won't miss a thing.

Finally, Chennapragada said that "just for fun", the Maps team has also been experimenting with a digital avatar that can help further guide users, with a cartoon fox shown off as an example.

Google Maps will even track your progress, so if you've already visited some top restaurants, you'll know which ones are left to try.

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The new feature will launch this summer.

The major addition that Google has made to the Maps is the "Augmented reality" directions. Simply point your camera down a street, and the app can identify restaurants and display their user ratings.

Matches will evolve with you, so your changing tastes will be up-to-date on Google Maps.

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Google aims to make navigating while walking easier by combining camera with Street View and Maps. While I could not get Lin to inform me concerning the proportion of consumers that now use the present Google Maps mining tools, this new initiative can be part of an effort to get consumers to move beyond instructions when they consider Maps.

And it's not just navigation that Maps is improving. A virtual arrow on the map tells you what direction you're walking. The next time you're exploring somewhere new, getting together with friends, or hosting out-of-towners in your own city, you can use Google Maps to make quick decisions and find the best spots. Google Maps will then pop up a conversation head-like bubble which follows you as you browse to different areas. Recently, Google has begun automatically adding new businesses, addresses, and places of interest, and giving users information about whether or not their favorite local haunts are open, and how long the wait time might be.

The Explore tab will not be used only for restaurants, but it will also be used for sightseeing destinations, fairs, and events in the area. Google uses machine learning for this and generates the match percentage based on factors like your food and drink preferences, the places you have visited, and so on.

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