Childish Gambino dances among violence in 'This is America' video

Donald Glover

Childish Gambino dances among violence in 'This is America' video

After the surprise release of his new song "This Is America" and an appearance co-hosting on Saturday Night Live, there was a lot of buzz surrounding his name.

Why? Well, that is immediately clear from watching it. Glover's disjointed trap song is accompanied by a seemingly one-take video that is as viscerally violent as it is compelling, which dives.

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But both the scene and the music soon turn dark as the camera returns to the chair, where a prisoner is sitting with his head covered, echoing terrorist kidnappings, and Gambino shoots him in the back of the head.

At the video's end, he appears to be chased by a white mob.

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The video is studded with famous African-American stars (look closely at the choir) and ad-libs from other rappers, which simply reinforces the point that while the rest of the world embraces black art and culture, they choose to ignore the racial disparity and violence black people face in their real lives. Whether we've participated or not in the issues, we all have to make change and pay attention, if we want lasting change here in the USA.

Directed by "Atlanta" director Hiro Murai, the video is pretty surreal and packed full of messages. Glover, meanwhile, continues to gleefully dance away, performing some of the trendiest dance moves like the Hustle and Gwara Gwara while he ignores the chaos, violence and riots that erupt in the background. "This is America/ Police be trippin' now/ Yeah, this is America/ Guns in my area", he raps.

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Singer SZA has a cameo role, sitting on a auto toward the end of the video.

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