United States Scolds China Over 'Orwellian' Airline Demands

Exclusive White House criticises Chinese pressure on foreign airlines

United States Scolds China Over 'Orwellian' Airline Demands

In a statement, the White House said the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration sent a letter to 36 foreign air carriers, including a number of USA carriers, demanding changes. "Whatever the USA said can not change the fact that there is only one China in the world and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are indispensable parts of Chinese territory", Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Geng Shuang stressed, adding that companies need to "respect the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity" and "respect the Chinese people's national sentiments".

This comes after Beijing ordered three dozen global airlines to list Taiwan as part of Mainland China, which is a move criticized by the U.S.as "Orwellian nonsense".

The White House statement came after Chinese Civil Aviation Administration sent a notice to 36 foreign airlines on April 25, asking them to comply with Beijing's standards of referring to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as Chinese territories.

President Donald Trump will "stand up for Americans resisting efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to impose Chinese political correctness on American companies and citizens", press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

"The Chinese Communist Party can be forgiven for believing it can use a version of its social credit system on American companies".

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In what could lead to further worsening of ties with the United States, China has warned worldwide airlines not to refer to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as independent territories.

Last week, the famous American investor Warren Buffett predicted that despite the current tensions in relations between the United States and China, the probability of an all-out trade war between the two countries is very low.

"As China is evolving politically, the powers that be are really focusing on that sort of thing", Mr Henderson said.

Taiwan, which sees itself as a sovereign state with its own government, is considered by China as a rogue province and an inseparable part of its territory.

Despite the fact that a cross-analysis shows that 60 percent of them are supporters of the pan-blue camp led by the main opposition Kuomintang, it is clear that China has successfully further split Taiwan's polarized politics through foreign affairs issues, Lo said.

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Although former colonies Hong Kong and Macau are recognized as special administrative regions belonging to China, Taiwan is a democratic, self-ruled state. She said the government would liaise closely with Qantas.

It wasn't clear what China had demanded Qantas do, or what the penalties for non-compliance might be.

The poll results were released three days after the Dominican Republic switched its recognition from Taipei to Beijing, leaving Taiwan with only 19 diplomatic partners.

Ms Bishop said Australia remained committed to this "one China policy".

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