'Arrested Development' Season 5 Trailer Released

Arrested Development Season 5 Trailer

“Arrested Development”

As someone whose feelings towards Season Four of Arrested Development are best summed up as "I watched it", Season Five seems to be more in the vein of the show's original run. That's right, friends, the Bluth family is officially returning to the streaming service with the Season 5 premiere of Arrested Development on May 29.

The official launch date for the fifth season is set for May 29, 2018, and this time the whole gang will be together. He said it would launch that on May 4 aka the "premature holiday the Bluth family know as Cinco de Cuatro".

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It was confirmed at nearly exactly this time a year ago, and now we have our first video evidence that it's really happening: Netflix just shared a trailer for the upcoming fifth season of Arrested Development.

Lindsay Bluth Fünke (Portia de Rossi) is running for congress, which of course requires the entire gang to get back together. To answer those complaints, show creator Michael Hurwitz recently made a decision to re-cut those 15 episodes, which focused on individual characters, into 22 interwoven installments more in line with those of the first three seasons. Arrested Development is one of our favorite TV series of the past several years just in terms of consistent laughter and finding unique ways to tell a story.

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"This new new beginning is different", states Howard as George-Michael (Michael Cera) sees Maeby's (Alia Shawkat) new gray hairstyle. Season 4 created a new joke based around the Simon & Garfunkel classic Sound of Silence, with the song playing over every melancholy epiphany G.O.B. has throughout the season - and there were a lot of those.

Tobias is, to many, the breakout star of Arrested Development. Following allegations of sexual harassment, Jeffrey Tambor was recently let go from the Amazon series Transparent.

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