Google puts gun emoji back in holster with switch to water pistol

Google follows Apple & Samsung in switching to water pistol for the gun emoji

Google finally gives in and swaps its gun emoji for a squirt gun

With this, Apple, WhatsApp, Samsung, Twitter, Google, Facebook and now Microsoft have all committed to and drawn up plans to remove the gun from their emoji collections. Google has toyed around (no pun intended) with the gun emoji since it first introduced it back it in 2012. While gun control remains a hot button topic, it appears that most tech giants-Google now included-would rather play it safe and promote a gun that squirts water instead of one that shoots bullets. The company has changed the pistol emoji for Android users.

Following Apple's decision back in 2016 to make the "realistic" gun emoji into a water pistol, it seems that other vendors have finally chose to follow it as well.

Google follows Apple & Samsung in switching to water pistol for the gun emoji

Speaking on the Emoji Wrap podcast in 2016, Google's product manager Agustin Fonts was also hesitant about shifting to a water pistol to remain "as compatible with other systems as possible". Facebook will be following suit as well according to a spokesperson for the social media giant revealed to Emojipedia.

However, technically Microsoft was the first company that avoided using the real gun.

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However, it is not yet clear exactly when Microsoft will implement this change in Windows 10. It has since gone through many changes back in 2013 it was updated to a vintage pistol before being changed into a revolver from 2014 to 2017. A few years back, the company had a space toy gun as one of its emojis before changing it to a pistol in 2016.

Analyzing, latest move of other platforms, Microsoft has also chose to incorporate water gun emoji as in gun violence is a major concern nowadays. Google's emoji change really stands out since it turns it into a super soaker lookalike.

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