Time for worldwide recognition of Armenian Genocide — Henrikh Mkhitaryan

SoCal Armenian community marks genocide anniversary

Ankara offers condolences to families of victims of 1915 events

The specific reference to the Armenian Genocide appears on page 25 of the ICJ Report: "The Genocide Convention resulted from the inhuman and barbarous practices which prevailed in certain countries prior to and during World War II, when entire religious, racial and national minority groups were threatened with and subjected to deliberate extermination".

"We also take this moment to recognize the courage of those individuals who sought to end the violence, and those who contributed to aiding survivors and rebuilding communities, including the U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Henry Morgenthau, who sought to end the violence and later raised funds through the Near East Relief to help the Armenian people".

Serzh Sarksyan, who previously served as Armenia's president for a decade, resigned as prime minister on Monday after nearly two weeks of street protests prompted by accusations he had manipulated the constitution to cling to power.

The use of the term "genocide" as it relates to the Armenian killings has always been a hot-button issue.

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"We will continue to share your pain and try to resolve your problems in the future", the statement added.

"We reaffirm our determination to build strong statehood and a free and civilized society".

Sarksyan's allies such as Karapetyan remain in important positions in government and it remains unclear whether his resignation will herald any real change.

Pashinyan has a history of political activism and was among opposition activists who demonstrated against Sarksyan's 2008 presidential election victory.

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"After these people were sent into exile in Ayas and Cankiri, the vast majority of them were killed". He was released two years later under an amnesty.

"Yes of course we are ready to lead our country", lawmaker Nikol Pashinyan said at a news conference in Yerevan, after being asked whether he was ready to steer the government of the ex-Soviet South Caucasus country.

Politicians and experts said on Tuesday that Sarksyan had chose to step down due to what they described as unbearable pressure coming from the mass protests. Leaders of the opposition and their supporters were marching to the memorial later on Tuesday.

Many experts said it was too early to predict what lies ahead.

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"What is needed is a sober power-sharing reconfiguration", said Richard Giragosian, a director of the Regional Studies Centre.

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