UN Envoy: Led Strikes on Syria Didn't Help Build Peace

A UN vehicle carrying OPCW inspectors in the Syrian capital of Damascus

Image A UN vehicle carrying OPCW inspectors in the Syrian capital of Damascus

They were carried out, she said, "without a single report of a civilian casualty". He declined to say whether officials have met face-to-face with Zammar.

Syria's ally Russian Federation was given prior notice and the missiles struck mostly empty buildings, in what many analysts saw as a hollow move that allowed all sides to save face.

Protestors' signs said: "U.S".

Then, the White House quickly contradicted Haley.

Inspectors at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are delaying their visit to sites near Damascus to investigate suspected chemical weapons use by the Syrian government because an advance security team came under fire. "That is what I am told".

Speaking alongside White at a Pentagon news conference, Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said the U.S. is confident - but not 100 percent certain - that chemical agents were present at all three sites attacked.

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Days before the U.S., together with the United Kingdom and France, bombarded targets in Syria in response to a suspected chemical attack, President Trump said the US would get out of Syria "very soon".

In both scenarios, Saudi boots on Syrian ground will be considered a direct war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as Iran is President Bashar al-Assad's major ally in the ongoing Syrian conflict.

About 1,500 fighters and 3,500 of their family members left Dumayr on Thursday, choosing to relocate to north Syria than accept an amnesty offered by the government.

May and Xi discussed the "appalling chemical weapons attack" in Douma, according to the statement. Militants gave up the town days after the alleged attack.

He said the victims were buried in the city's east.

Dreid said it was not clear why the deal appeared to have fallen through.

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Karen Pierce said all the facts had yet to be established after the April 7 attack that was the trigger for the UK, US and French strikes in Syria.

Syria and Russian Federation deny unleashing poison gas on April 7 during their offensive on Douma, which ended with the recapture of the town that had been the last rebel stronghold near the capital, Damascus.

"It could also still be stuck in the walls or on nearby rocks, as long as there was no attempt to try and remove them", he said. Rebels who once held the town abandoned it this month. She said there are now no indications that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons again. These statements were often lawyerly, sophistic, and deceptive, using weasel-phrases like "declared chemical weapons". "We don't want a war against Syria", Shelton said. Russian Federation is in charge of maintaining security in the area. Iraq has carried out airstrikes in Syria against the group in the past.

Syrian state media says rebels have started to evacuate three towns in the eastern Qalamoun region in the Damascus countryside.

Under the agreement, the rebels are allowed to move with their families to opposition-held areas in the country's north, effectively surrendering their turf to Syrian government forces.

While repeating that Syria was responsible for the attacks, Nauert also said the United States had credible information that "people on the ground have been pressured by both Russian Federation and Syria to try to change their stories".

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