Who Are the Voice Actors in God of War?

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Who Are the Voice Actors in God of War?

The end of God of War II has Zeus betraying Kratos in one of the most brutal subversions in the history of video games. Let us know via the comments.

God of War features a relatively simple controller setup. It has tons of alternate paths and optional chests that reward you with useful items like gold and crafting materials that you can use to buy and upgrade new armor. I can only wonder what he has in store for us when he takes on the Norse gods. The vengeance was profound, and the melancholy afterwards, when you realize you've left behind a world that is godless and debased with chaos, is equally moving.

Lobbing it at an enemy in front of you sees it return immediately while using it to solve a puzzle three rooms earlier means you'll be waiting a bit before it gets back to you. The well-trodden Greek mythology which the series started with is out, thanks to a rather conclusive finale in God of War III leaving little space for growth. Don't be put off by it. God of War is excellently paced throughout, and once you get to the game's hub world - Lake of Nines - you'll see that first hand. If you fill the Stun meter, you can grab them and kill them instantly (or, for tougher enemies, deal a lot of damage). When you're fighting some of the optional bosses, you'll need to use the Parry by timing your block just before your enemy hits.

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God of War arrived Friday after two years of extensive hype and five years of grinding development. There are skill trees for the Leviathan axe, barehanded combat, Atreus's arrows and Kratos' infamous Spartan Rage.

"Because we were going to do the no cut camera, we were looking at being able to have all of the menu systems take place inside the game", said director Cory Balrog, commentating on part of the footage.

Filmed in the style of a mockumentary, My Spirit Animal: Kratos from God of War takes a brief look into the life of Gary Hercule.

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God of War is not a series known for its emotional subtlety, but we give a small tip of that hat to this otherwise minor encounter in the PSP-exclusive God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Besides, there are so many hidden collectables and goodies out there, you're liable to miss a lot if you don't travel by foot or boat most of the time.

But having been through the adventure myself, here are a few things that I think can help you.

The series' only appearance on PS4, the excellent "God of War III Remastered", seemed to keep fans happy, while Sony released other excellent games like "Uncharted 4" and "Horizon: Zero Dawn".

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