Rosenstein tells Trump he is not a target of Michael Cohen investigation

Trump Should Turn to His Solicitor General

Lowry: Mueller should be last special counsel

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed with special counsel Robert Mueller what prosecutors should pursue in the Russian Federation probe as early as last May, when Mueller was first appointed, the special counsel's office said Thursday. Downing said Rosenstein's memo seemed to come "after the fact" to justify the investigation. Additional sections of the 2 1/2-page partly redacted August memo, were blacked out by prosecutors, indicating that Rosenstein authorized other lines of investigation that remain a secret.

According to Downing, a special counsel must be told of the "specific factual matter" in his or her mandate.

Investigators have also looked for a possible broader pattern of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and other crimes in Cohen's private dealings, including his work for Trump and real estate purchased by Russian buyers, the person said. "And we have to get back to business". "It doesn't make any sense".

The revelation that Trump is not a target of either investigation appears to have headed off any firings for the near future.

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On Wednesday, Trump signaled that he is in no rush to fire either Mueller or the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein.

It is then up to Rosenstein whether or not to include the information in the special counsel's probe or refer it elsewhere.

President Trump's personal attorney, leaves federal court in NY on Monday.

Following news of the raids on Cohen home and office, Trump raged on Twitter claiming, "Attorney Client privilege is now a thing of the past".

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Despite the concerns brought up on Thursday by Jackson, it does not mean that it will directly benefit Manafort in his criminal cases.

"It's not a blank check", DOJ attorney Michael Dreeben told Politico in defending the authority Rosenstein appointed to Mueller.

"Have you concluded that it's not worth the political fallout to remove either special counsel Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein?"

Manafort and his legal team are not alone in their criticism of the special counsel's power in the investigation into Russian Federation. If there is a good reason to fire Rosenstein or Mueller and Trump is deciding not to do it because he's not in trouble, that suggests the decision is at least somewhat about himself.

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Ever since Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided Cohen's home and office earlier this month, Trump has been egged on by some of his strongest supporters to strike back at Mueller.

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