Judge questions Trump ex-campaign chief's bid to dismiss charges

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Pavlich: Dems Only Want to Prevent Mueller Firing to Preserve Russia 'Talking Point'

On Wednesday night at a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago, Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs asked President Donald Trump a simple question: Had he decided, in light of recent events, that it no longer was advantageous for him to sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller?

Rosenstein brought up the Mueller probe himself and assured the president he was off the hook during a sitdown at the White House last Thursday, news that headed off the president's rising anger over the investigation, the news service said, citing a pair of sources. Following the meeting's conclusion, Trump reportedly told his advisers he's not interested in firing Rosenstein or Mueller, since he isn't being targeted.

"We are hopefully coming to the end", Trump said of the investigation.

Jackson expressed doubts over arguments that Mueller should not have been able to bring charges Downing called unrelated to Russian Federation or Moscow's potential coordination with Trump's campaign. Trump was particularly incensed in recent weeks by an Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen's office.

Trump may not officially be a target, but Mueller hasn't ruled out making him one at some point in the future, according to a United States official with knowledge of the unfolding investigation.

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The Justice Department, meantime, denied comment on the Rosenstein report.

Trump has ramped up his criticism of Mueller, who is investigating the president and his campaign, prompting fears that he could soon fire the special counsel.

"They've been saying I'm going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months", Trump told reporters. "So we want to get the investigation over with, done with".

"We have received information of a potential large scale protest in the Central Business District", read the internal email from Victor Joseph, commander of major crimes.

Downing said the authorization came after a search warrant had already been executed in late July on Manafort's home.

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Removing one or both officials could take away the cloud of the investigation, which Trump has repeatedly called a "hoax" and "witch hunt".

Mueller or Rosenstein being fired has spurred members of Congress to push for legislation to protect the special counsel.

In this case, he says, they have not assessed the credibility of the potential for disturbances, and "do not have any knowledge of the president's decision-making process".

Trump complained that his actions to counter Russian aggression in Europe and the Mideast have been ignored, and for "the media" nothing he says or does about Russia will be considered strong enough.

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