Amy Schumer to hubby: 'Thank you for having sex with me'

Amy Schumer- Keystone Press

Amy Schumer- Keystone Press

I Feel Pretty has an ambitious meta premise.

I think Schumer delivered. Spend less time looking in the mirror and wondering "what if?"

Schumer's character Renee is a digital grunt working for a major beauty brand in NY. "She just needed to believe it", Kohn said. "If anything, that sounds like a more voluptuous woman to me". They just play up the same moments of mistaken identity and friends not knowing what she's talking about, because she's literally talking about something that didn't happen.

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There is a bit of satire in the sense that we accept Renee's entitled behavior in thin girls. During press you're meeting maybe 70 people per day, so I'm probably not going to be able to give every person the sort of experience they might want. That would be more interesting to explore.

Anyway, bonked-on-the-head Renee is now brimming with confidence.

Communication is key. When Renee realises she'd never really changed at all, her confidence shatters - she believes she's not good enough to succeed in her job, associate with the people around her, or even be with the man she loves.

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Renee is a regular New Yorker with a tiresome desk job doing online work for Lily LeClaire, a high-fashion cosmetic firm run by a social X-ray named Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams). What ultimately disappoints here, however, is the conventionality of the movie's narrative arc, its mushy characterizations (as the cosmetic company heiress who befriends Renee, a squeaky-voiced Williams is utterly dispensable), and a rushed conclusion that ties up the loose ends with a sloppy bow that diminishes the movie's message. In the movie, Renee embarks on a receptionist job at an elite makeup company that is launching an affordable line for the average consumer. The film points out that most people use the receptionist job to advance their career, so it's amusing that it's the ultimate achievement for Renee. Wells was rightfully called out for this nonsense, not only by the online community, but by Schumer herself - both on Twitter and in the 12 Angry Menepisode of Inside Amy Schumer, which amounted to a 30-minute middle finger to Wells.

An accident during a rigorous spin class messes with her brain (you'll never want to wear a pony tail again). Dating sites exacerbate rejection.

"It's about self-confidence and self-love being so much more important than what you look like", Kohn told USA TODAY. "Change your mind, change your life", chants a SoulCycle instructor, Luna (Angela M. Davis, a real-life celeb instructor whose motivational speeches have inspired Beyoncé and Oprah on the bike). The world is littered with failures who acted confident when they were blatantly masking insecurity. It's in the latter category, though, that the film provides Michelle Williams - as unrecognisable as Tilda Swinton in Schumer's Trainwreck - as the beauty company boss, with the breathy, high-pitched voice of a drowsy unicorn on helium.

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Renee's confidence is manufactured, so it's not really honest. I certainly have. Your friends who you think are so handsome, they could be struggling too. It's just not amusing or fresh enough, and that has everything to do with the material and how it's handled visually, and nothing to do with the people on the screen.

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