Amazon app now available for global shopping

Amazon Launches the International Shopping Experience in the Amazon Shopping App

Amazon's mobile app simplifies shopping for international customers

Amazon shows pricing, shipping costs and import duty estimates, and coordinates with courier services for customs clearance to simplify the shipping process for customers. They can further customize their experience by setting their preferred language and currency. The new feature aims to break down some of the global barriers to other markets and connect with overseas customers by giving them a greater variety of shopping choices. However, the addition could make Amazon's shopping app genuinely useful in regions where it was previously little more than a curiosity.

The global shopping feature is available on a mobile browser and the mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. The "International Shopping" experience is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Brazilian and German and 25 currencies, with more to be added later this year.

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Amazon has launched the "International Shopping" experience within its existing mobile app, making it easier for Kiwis to purchase products from the online retailer by screening out items ineligible to ship to New Zealand.

The tech giant has launched a new worldwide shopping feature that will allow people in several countries to buy products from its USA marketplace.

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Amazon vice president Samir Kumar said in a statement that customers had been asking for "a way to easily find and shop only for products available to be shipped to them".

Items ordered via the feature will be shipped to Thailand from the United States. Further, you can select the language and currency of preference. Those products are then exported from the U.S. According to Reuters, which earlier reported on the move, Amazon customers will be able to buy more than 45 million products now available in the company's U.S. store.

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