Saber Interactive officially announces NBA Playgrounds 2, coming in 2018

Saber Interactive officially announces NBA Playgrounds 2, coming in 2018

Saber Interactive officially announces NBA Playgrounds 2, coming in 2018

The same cartoonish over the top NBA-tinged style is back, but, as is customary with sequels, everything is due to be bigger and better. They're promising fans the game will be "essentially everything you asked for".

NBA Playgrounds 2 continues to feature the sport's biggest players front and center.

International Monetary Fund expects India's economy to grow at 7.4% in 2018
The U.S. economy will grow 2.9% this year, the IMF said, up 0.2 percentage point from the fund's forecast in January. The IMF said the reforms would improve infrastructure in transport and telecommunication sectors to spur growth.

Players will know how they stack up against their opponents online and will acquire skills as they progress, with both co-op and solo leagues featured. There's also improved matchmaking with dedicated servers, the arrival of four-player online matches, the return of three-point contests, custom matches, and more. There will be new courts, a season mode, ranked championship leagues, four-person online multiplayer, three-point contests, custom matches, new moves and power-ups, improved AI (hopefully no more pass-happy opponents), and more than 200 current and former National Basketball Association players at launch.

Season Mode will give players the feeling of leading a team through the regular season and through to the NBA Playoffs and championship. Improved AI is also in the works, but the PvP aspect of the game is getting a robust overhaul.

Ubisoft may be hinting that Watch Dogs 3 is on the way
Ubisoft is developing a personal virtual assistant named SAM, which is already available in beta in Canada. After which we saw a Tweet from Official Watch Dogs Twitter account which said "This is Everything".

You can check out some screenshots and the game's reveal trailer below.

Winning a title can earn you special players depending on which team you win it with. You can also look forward to new player models, animations and facial animations, improved AI, new original music, and new gameplay mechanics like double alley-oops. The game is coming PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch later this summer, so we should be seeing a lot more soon.

Koreas' Official End to War Set to Be Announced
The two Koreas agreed last month to install a hotline for their leaders to help defuse military tension and facilitate consultation.

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