NBA Playoffs: Top rookie performances through Game 1

The NBA Playoffs start on Saturday April 14. Their regular season record might not show that, but they were forced to deal with injuries throughout the year.

The Thunder have the talent to advance all the way to the Finals but their inconsistent play has hurt them all season.

But it's hard to see Toronto actually coming through with the win over the Cavs, and it's hard to see how the Rockets can match up with the Warriors. We'll see how much of an impact that has, but my sense is we're still going to have some work to do", Silver said after meeting with owners at the Board of Governors meeting in Manhattan."We recognize that our goal was to put the best competition on the floor, and it's balanced against legitimate rebuilding of some teams.

Brown won 47 games his first three seasons as the Sixers underwent the Process - and 52, plus Game 1 this season. These teams aren't so far off from each other.

Start with the East pairings: Lowry and the top-seeded Raptors play No. 8 Washington, No. 2 Boston faces No. 7 Milwaukee, No. 3 Philadelphia gets No. 6 Miami and No. 4 Cleveland - with LeBron James bidding for an eighth consecutive appearance in The Finals - opening against No. 5 in, a surprise team at the start of the season and one that isn't a surprise anymore.

It seems unusual calling the San Antonio Spurs an underdog team considering they've made the playoffs for the last 21 seasons. "That's all you can ask for". This season, the Bulls didn't even come close to making the postseason, finishing 16 games behind the 8th seeded Wizards. Look for both teams to crack triple figures in every game of the series, which Houston will win in five. But at 43-39 on the year, this team has the worst record among 2018 playoff teams.

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The Trail Blazers managed to go 2-1 against the Warriors this year, thanks mostly to 131 combined points by C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard in the two wins. The Celtics needed overtime, but they prevailed in the end, 113-107, behind a double-double from Tatum.

If you spent any time perusing National Basketball Association playoff predictions over the three days since the Timberwolves do-or-die victory over the Nuggets on Wednesday night, you probably noticed that not too many folks are giving the eighth-seeded Wolves a fighting chance to challenge the 65-win Rockets in the first round of the playoffs.

The matchup: After intentionally taking for most of the past decade, Philly finally amassed enough healthy quality players to make a playoff run, and they're scary.

Home-court "advantage" really didn't exist in the 2017 playoffs. This has opened the door wide open for the likely 4-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the most intriguing should be the Golden State-San Antonio matchup - because once again, just like a year ago, the Spurs will nearly certainly be without Leonard.

Celtics (2) vs. Bucks (7): Considering they have played their whole season without Gordon Hayward and the last few months without Kyrie Irving, it's a near-miracle that Boston still managed to win 55 games and end second in the conference.

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In Curry's last 20-games without Kevin Durant, the Warriors went 20-0.

The Spurs also tried to run their offense through big man LaMarcus Aldridge.

Junior journalism major Ian Jackson realized this and believed that Golden State will win a second straight championship.

The Spurs played without star forward Kawhi Leonard who has been sidelined for most of the season, while Golden State were without Steph Curry who is troubled by his knee injury. When he was in the game, the Celtics went at him constantly and exploited him.

That said, the only huge reason to root for them is because Coach Pop could somehow find a way to pull off a first-round upset of the Warriors.

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