Competitive Gamer Billy Mitchell Responds To His World Records Being Stripped Off

Billy's the one on the right by the way

Competitive Gamer Billy Mitchell Responds To His World Records Being Stripped Off

Officials at the site had conducted a two-month investigation and had found that the footage Mitchell had used to submit his high scores was not from an original Donkey Kong arcade circuit board, but rather from an emulator.

"Donkey Kong scandal" is just the sort of colourful event one might experience in 2018, specifically, one Billy Mitchell, heretofore known in gaming circles as the "video game player of the century".

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While Twin Galaxies has not yet commented on Mitchell's statement, management and staff of the registry have many times stated that the integrity of the leaderboards is their biggest concern. Speaking to Old School Gamer Magazine, for which Mitchell serves as an advisor, he asserts that all will come to light. He also was featured in the 2007 documentary "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters". They then forwarded the decision to the Guinness World Records committee so they could follow suit. Do you believe Billy Mitchell is still a fair player and did not cheat with his high scores?

"Everything will be transparent".

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There's no denying that Mitchell is a ridiculously skilled video game player, his ideal Pac-Man score is a mind-boggling feat of memory, patience and pixel-perfect control, but, as this situation continues, the Floridian native risks this recent revelation becoming the defining mark for his entire gaming career. I wish I had it in my hands right now, I wish I could hand it to you. Mitchell, wearing the tie that will forever make him a hero in my eyes, speaks of an investigation underway to clear his name and restore his legacy as one of the highest scoring arcade gamers of all time. Nothing will be withheld. You absolutely have my commitment to that. For now, we'll have to wait and see what evidence and witnesses Mitchell can produce.

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