Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Announced by Konami for iOS; First Screenshots Released

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls for iOS Announced

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls announced for iOS

The game features exciting fights for up to four players, real-time global co-op, 4v4 competitive mode, lovely graphics and music from previous Castlevania-games.

A future where Count Dracula has been completely destroyed.

The record-breaking Kickstarter game is due out this year, although not much as been heard of it in a while and it doesn't have a specific release date. Selected testers will be contacted by e-mail around mid-May. It seemed like an eternal peace came upon the world. Up to four players can actually play together, and there's even a four-player competitive mode. But someone is intent on disturbing that peace, sending the main character, Genya Arikado, on a long and unsafe journey, fraught with enemies and mysteries. However, that peace is threatened after the protagonist, Genya Arikado, receives a letter reading, "The Grimoire has run wild and Count Dracula will be resurrected". Strengthen your favorite characters and challenge your mighty enemies to stand!

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We'll continue to provide updates until the outage has been resolved and Twitter has (hopefully) offered some kind of explanation. Several people on Twitter on Tuesday reported issues that made it nearly impossible to load profile or even refresh the timeline.

The very good news is that this does appear to be a Castlevania action game and not a Castlevania visual novel or a Castlevania match-3 puzzler.

Genya ArikadoA mysterious person belonging to the confidential organization of the Japanese government. Today only a few people know about it, and its ability to fight against Dracula.

While he has unworldly good looks, he is unsociable and hard to approach.

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The main characters are Genya Airkado from Aria Of Sorrow and Lucy, who we think is new. Despite her young age, she is a highly competent research magician and supports Arikado and company in battle through the Grimoire.

Konami has recently announced the latest Castlevania title in the form of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls.

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