Another one of Michael Cohen's clients? Sean Hannity

Michael Cohen is said to have met secretly with people in Prague- possibly at the Russian Center for Science and

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Used the Same Delaware Company for Payment Deals to Two Women

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, has been "under criminal investigation" for months in NY because of his business dealings, the Justice Department said Friday. Prosecutors depend on the "clean team" to segregate evidence and divide that which might become part of a court case from that shielded by attorney-client privilege.

Lawyers for Michael Cohen argued in court on Monday that they could not identify Hannity because he asked that his name not be disclosed in connection with an Federal Bureau of Investigation seizure of Cohen's files and they wanted to protect him from embarrassment, CBS2's Alice Gainer reported.

Prosecutors say that request should be rejected, noting that there is an established two-step process to determine what material is covered by attorney-client privilege. It's supposed to prevent "privileged" information from being used against the client.

The raid on Cohen's home and office came as special counsel Robert Mueller's probe intensifies its focus on the president's inner circle. Stormy Daniels, who says she received $130,000 from Cohen to keep quiet about an affair with Trump, is also expected to be in attendance.

US, Allies Responsible for Regional Fallout of Syria Raids: Iran
After the chemical gas attack by the Assad regime on civilians in Douma, an airstrike took place on the T4 air base in Syria . According to the reports, the attack targeted a large weapons and ammunition warehouse at Jebel Azan, outside Aleppo.

When Avenatti was asked in the CNN programme whether Daniels would be present at the hearing to provoke Cohen, he said it was rather to send a message that she was taking her matter with Cohen very seriously and she wanted to make the people of America understand that she was putting her best foot forward to unearth as much information as possible.

Cohen also reportedly paid off a Playboy model that had an affair with Republican National Committee fundraiser Elliott Broidy, who has since resigned from his position.

For years, Cohen has secretly done the dirty work for Donald Trump and his associates under the protective umbrella of "attorney-client privilege".

Donald Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen is set to appear in federal court on Monday afternoon as he and the president are fighting to be able to review documents seized last week by federal agents before prosecutors do.

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Ice damage has been observed on several buildings in the area. "Fortunately there's been no injuries reported", said Const. It is adjacent to the CN Tower, an 1,815-feet-high structure that is among Canada's most recognizable landmarks.

Prosecutors say that material should be reviewed by a team of Justice Department lawyers independent from the investigation who could identify records that should remain confidential. "I have many (too many!) lawyers and they are probably wondering when their offices, and even homes, are going to be raided with everything, including their phones and computers, taken".

Prosecutors suggested in their filing that while Cohen "holds himself out as a practicing attorney", he is actually exaggerating the extent of his work in an attempt to cast a wide net of attorney-client privilege over the records seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In a letter filed with the court on Sunday night, the president's attorneys argue that Trump's team should be able to review documents seized in Monday's raid to protect attorney-client privilege.

She accuses the Justice Department of acting in an "aggressive, intrusive, and unorthodox manner", and eliminating Trump's "right to a full assertion of every privilege argument available to him". Cohen's lawyer is asking for the lawyers themselves to review the material or a "special master" to decide what is relevant to the case, and Hendon is concerned about a taint team or however the material is handled.

What is known about suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria
Russian Federation has been unwavering in its backing of Assad as it aims to help the regime win the Syrian Civil War. By acting merely on the basis of inputs from their intelligence agencies, the US -led alliance flouted worldwide law.

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