Walking Dead's [SPOILER] Actually Survived the Season 8 Finale

Danai Gurira as Michonne Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes leading Team Rick

Danai Gurira as Michonne Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes leading Team Rick

"When it comes to Fear the Walking Dead, our core group never developed endearing qualities like Rick Grimes" group used to have, nor did they reach the full badass charm that's made Negan so popular. The final lines to Negan as he recuperates are virtually the same, with Rick telling him that they're going to keep him alive and let him rot away in a jail cell while he watches their society thrive without him. Season 8 leaves us with Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl plotting to make Rick and Michonne pay for not killing Negan, so it seems we've got a civil war on our hands.

Out of bullets and with an injured hand from his gun backfiring, Negan ran for cover, and it all boiled down to a physical fight with Rick, which explained the scene under the stained glass window teased previously. Ever since Negan played eenie-meenie-miney-mo with Abraham and Glenn's lives, there's been the promise that Rick is eventually going to kill Negan - or at least fail in the attempt. At some point in the future, she is going to "show" Rick just how wrong he was for that decision ... with Daryl at her side?! Then he got all teary-eyed; Rick got teary-eyed, too, and then he slashed Negan's throat.

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So what now does Negan offer?

The course of The Walking Dead's live-action All Out War saw many changes from the way things went in the source material, from the way Dwight's story progressed to Eugene's presumed heel turn to the sheer existence of Simon's swagger. Since then, many of her waking thoughts have been fully devoted to Negan's death, however it needed to happen. "So I think it is ultimately a story about restraint rather than revenge and love rather than hate, which has always been integral to our show". Jesus then offers Morgan a suggestion of using the tiresome end of his staff on the living so as not to kill them. Sure, she and Rick have argued, and his comic book decisions do take a toll on the way Maggie views his decision-making skills. Instead, she sees information as the most important commodity. This is the kind of emotional intra-community conflict that we haven't really seen since Shane, and which the show has been sorely lacking. We weren't ready to see Maggie go just yet!

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Could that horde be hiding the next group Rick's people go up against in the comics, The Whispers? Tonight marked his departure from The Walking Dead as he crossed over onto Fear the Walking Dead. Here are a few things we learned from four of the actors.

"We are worse than we were", Morgan (Lennie James) told Rick near the finale's outset, a reference to their lost humanity, but also a fair description of where the show stands - commercially as well as creatively - compared to its dizzying apex. He believes that the vision he sees is Carl showing him the new world.

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All the skirmishes between the start of The Walking Dead season 7 and throughout season 8, have taken all the oomph out of the finale. The Walking Dead season 8 finale might have wrapped up all the storylines it had with a tidy, twee little bow, but that doesn't stop it from feeling disappointing anticlimactic. Rick has repeatedly pledged to kill the leader of the Saviors, and Negan's last words to Michonne were that he planned to return the favor. Is Maggie right to bide her time and then show Rick why she thinks he is wrong?

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