Would you consider closing your Facebook after privacy breach?

Would you consider closing your Facebook after privacy breach?

Would you consider closing your Facebook after privacy breach?

And that mindset is the real social media danger Congress should have focused on during its two days of grilling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As many already suspected, Facebook collects data about non-users, too.

Whether Facebook employees were working with Cambridge Analytica to refine Trump campaign tactics during the 2016 presidential election.

Zuckerberg revealed in the hearing Wednesday that his own data was exposed as well.

Facebook's stock is down 15 percent since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal broke several weeks ago.

Whether Facebook Messenger collects call and text data from minors for account syncing.

"Every time that someone chooses to share something on Facebook. there is a control". I'm not the one saying that the number could be much higher, it's Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Zuckerberg replied saying that the practice was meant to help prevent malicious actors from collecting public information from Facebook users.

Larger, more dominant companies like Facebook have the resources to comply with government regulation, he said, but "that might be more hard for a smaller startup to comply with".

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"It doesn't matter whether you have a Facebook account".

Zuckerberg will take questions from the House Energy and Commerce Committee. In one case, they asked about Facebook's blocking of conservative vloggers Diamond and Silk as "unsafe". Variety reports that Facebook initially donated $200k to a campaign against the bill, but has now changed its mind.

The Facebook CEO further said that his company would verify the identity and location of advertisers, who were running malicious political ads.

"Diamond and Silk was deemed "unsafe".

Zuckerberg deflected requests to support specific legislation.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat from IL, recounted a long list of Zuckerberg's apologies over the years before concluding: "This is proof to me that self-regulation does not work". We do pay to help produce content.

"It's pretty obvious to me that someone is listening to the audio on our phones", Buschon said.

In the fourth quarter of past year it had 2.2 billion active users - more than a quarter of the world's population.

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The company has always denied these allegations.

Facebook tracks users even when they're logged off, and Zuckerberg said that's for either security or advertising reasons.

"The GDPR requires us to do a few more things and we are going to extend that to the world", he said. He assured senators the company would handle the situation differently today.

The American people are concerned about how Facebook protects and profits from its users' data, lawmakers said.

Near the end of the session, Debbie Dingell, a Democrat from MI criticised Zuckerberg's lack of knowledge of his own company.

In fact, one senator, even asked Zuckerberg whether Europe "has it right" when it comes to managing companies like Facebook, to which Zuck hesitantly replied that Europe "gets some things right", prompting laughter from the room. You didn't know that the FTC doesn't have fining. He doesn't recognize the term "shadow profiles", though.

Still, he said, lawmakers need to be careful, noting that new rules or laws could hurt smaller businesses more than a behemoth like Facebook. So I would encourage people to do that just to check out exactly what kind of data these companies hold on you and you will be amazed at the volume, and the detail, and the specificity.

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