Trump weighs military options in Syria

Donald Trump Warns Russia In Tweet: Missiles 'Will Be Coming' To Syria

Syria and Allies Ready for War If Trump Attacks, Official Says

The UN Security Council, tasked with maintaining worldwide peace and security, has been riven, with Moscow virulently denying the Douma attack took place, or postulating that it was carried out by rebels.

Syrian government forces have regained full control of the city as the worldwide community considers its response.

The World Health Organisation said on Wednesday around 500 people had been treated for "signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals" after the Douma attack.

Last night however, the White House said the president was still assessing the American response - with all options remaining on the table.

Syria's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that Trump's threats to attack are "reckless" and endanger worldwide peace and security.

Trump is slated to speak with French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May Thursday evening.

Russian Federation responded immediately, saying "smart missiles should fly towards terrorists, not legal governments".

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"The situation in the world is getting more chaotic", he said.

The country's president has Vladimir Putin has called for a calming of tensions.

"Nevertheless, we hope that common sense will prevail and global relations will become constructive; the whole of the world system will become stable and predictable".

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said it is "vital that parliament has the chance to debate and decide in advance" of any military action, which he warned "risks a unsafe escalation of the conflict".

Laurence Geai/SIPA/NewscomPresident Trump says there will be a "big price to pay" for the horrific chemical weapons attack reported in the rebel-held area of Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

That would prove controversial, after opposition parties demanded the Government respects a recent convention that the House of Commons approves United Kingdom military intervention.

Formally, the prime minister has the right to go to war without approval from parliament, but a convention has been established in previous conflicts where MPs have a vote either before or shortly after military action begins.

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"I would be happy for Parliament to be recalled but the PM does have the option to go ahead without this", Dr Sarah Wollaston told HuffPost.

President Donald Trump speaks during an event on tax policy in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, April 12, 2018, in Washington.

The U.S. has obtained blood and urine samples from a suspected chemical attack in Syria that have tested positive for both an unidentified nerve agent and chlorine gas exposure, according to a report published Thursday.

"Six in ten Brits (61%) say that it should be necessary for Parliament to vote first on whether the United Kingdom takes part in military action in Syria - 18% say it should not be necessary for Parliament to vote on the matter", the pollster wrote on Twitter on the results of its survey.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad today warned that threats of Western military action in response to an alleged chemical attack would only lead to further chaos in the region.

With reporting from IRN.

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