Trump softens rhetoric on potential Syria strike


Trump is expected to announce a military response

United States President, Donald Trump has said Russian Federation should "get ready" for missiles to be fired at its ally, Syria.

Two sessions of the UN Security Council failed to calm the tensions between Russian Federation and the USA, which are on opposite sides in the conflict in Syria, while the United States responded to Russian Federation placing the Black Sea Fleet on alert by announcing that the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier and a group of ships accompanying it will be stationed in the Mediterranean starting on Wednesday. "Get ready Russian Federation, because they will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!'", Trump said. Two irreconcilable things have been thrown into the scale: the posture of a strong leader and the danger of an armed conflict between Russian Federation and the US.

On the one hand, the tweet could be put down to Trump's unique and unconventional way of communicating, which infuriates the Washington establishment and delights his supporters.

"The raising of a regime flag over a building in the town of Douma signified control over this town and consequently over Eastern Ghouta as a whole", Major General Yury Yevtushenko was quoted as saying Thursday by the Interfax news agency.

Moscow and Washington blocked attempts by each other at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to set up global investigations into chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the goal of the groundless reports about alleged chemical attacks was to provide cover for terrorists and justify the use of military force against Syrian President Bashar Assad. That attack triggered a swift decision by Trump to launch a fusillade of Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase. "Big price..." Trump further added on Twitter.

Rescue workers and medics working in Syria said more than 40 people were killed after bombs filled with toxic chemicals were dropped by government forces in the war-torn country.

They have documented 34 chemical weapons attacks in Syria since 2013, including 26 which they attribute to Syrian government forces, the most recent one on the Harasta frontline in eastern Ghouta in Nov 2017.

Moscow's threat to down United States missiles came from its ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, who said it was based on previous statements by President Vladimir Putin and the Russian armed forces chief of staff.

Senior Russian lawmaker, Alexei Kondratyev, a deputy head of the upper house's defense committee, on Wednesday said that warships would be engaged in the Mediterranean Sea to protect Russian assets in Syria from a possible USA strike.

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called her cabinet back from Easter break early for an emergency meeting on Thursday afternoon.

Russia, which backs Mr Assad, has softened its initial threats to retaliate against USA ships and bases in event of an attack.

Syria and its ally, Russia, deny any such attack, which activists say killed more than 43 people last weekend.

The alleged attack was launched not long after Trump called for withdrawal of USA troops from war-ravaged Syria. The Kremlin says a hotline between USA and Russian military officials is in use and Russian media say it's expected the Americans will provide coordinates of planned targets.

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