Russian Foreign Ministry Condemns US, UK, French Strike on Syria

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert

Lavrov expressed his hope that Western countries would decide not to follow the Iraqi or Libyan scenarios in Syria.

"Even non-significant incidents would lead to new waves of migrants to Europe and to other consequences, which neither we nor our European neighbors need", he warned. Now, I hope, no one will gamble on embarking on such a risky venture.

According to data of Russia's Defense Ministry, the missile strike against Syria's military and civilian infrastructures was carried out by U.S. planes and naval ships in cooperation with British and French air forces between 03:42 and 05:10 Moscow time on Saturday.

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The sky looked orange over eastern Damascus apparently as a result of fires caused by the missiles hitting Syria. The allies successfully hit all three of their targets, the Pentagon said, deploying 105 missiles.

The Russian foreign minister stressed that this development of events can "please only those who are protected by oceans and those who expect to sit out in the process of continuing efforts to ripen the entire region, in order to continue to promote their geopolitical projects here".

She described the strikes against Syria carried out by the United States, the United Kingdom and France as a new attempt to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "It is bad because by and large this may really ruin the negotiating process as this action [the missile strike against Syria] has sent a strong signal to extremists and militants that everything they are doing is 'right, '" the Russian diplomat said.

On April 7, a number of NGOs, including the White Helmets, alleged that chemical weapons were used in Douma, Eastern Ghouta.

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Syria has been attacked just as it had a chance for peace, Russia's Foreign Ministry said earlier, hours after US, British and French forces pounded Damascus with air strikes in response to a suspected poison gas attack last week.

The White Helmets are not the sole source of information about the Douma attack.

He said: "Syrian authorities were immediately blamed for the so-called attack, no proof was presented and no questions were asked". Russian services for security visited the incident and didn't find any kind of substances there, no traces of chemical poisoning were found in local hospitals.

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However, the Observatory says the facilities were evacuated by the Syrian government days before.

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