March for Science calls for spirit of enquiry

Organizers Plan Las Cruces March For Science

March For Science' To Take Place Saturday In Downtown San Diego

He encouraged the crowd - who had gathered as part of the nationwide March for Science - to decrease emissions, vote for politicians who understand those issues or run for office themselves.

She says thanks to the federal government's multibillion-dollar investment into scientific research across Canada, it's the flawless time to celebrate the investment while also asking for more support to tackle big problems such as climate change and increase the number of jobs in the scientific community.

Locals marched and protested in Downtown early Saturday as a way to defend science.

BJP ministers' resignations being sent to J&K CM: Ram Madhav
Mehbooba Mufti also chaired a meeting of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) legislators and senior ministers in Srinagar. However, there was some amount of indiscretion on the part of the ministers for which they had to resign, he said.

"Help us scientists understand better whats going on with the environment", he said.

"We can not make decisions unless we know the truth and we know the facts". "But science and research proved that you don't actually have to go through this - it can really improve the welfare of people's lives". Much of this guide is specific to the US government.

"We really want lasting change".

Woman who drove SUV with family off cliff was drunk: polic
The driver was pulling into a pullout during heavy rains when the SUV went over the edge, according to Sheriff's officials. Toxicology tests observed Jennifer Hart experienced an alcohol amount of 0.102, said California Patrol Capt.

The city-leg of the march-attended by over 250 people-was organised by March For Science Organising Committee (MFS OC) and NGO, Breakthrough Science Society (BSS).

" Additionally, there is a systematic attack on science and scientific attitudes including by influential leaders of the ruling dispensation in the form of questioning the theory of evolution, and positing bogus theories, fake history, unscientific claims of knowledge in ancient India, and advancing myths as historical fact", it added.

"There's no room for climate deniers", she said.

Trump declares 'mission accomplished' in Syria strike
The sky looked orange over eastern Damascus apparently as a result of fires caused by the missiles hitting Syria. The allies successfully hit all three of their targets, the Pentagon said, deploying 105 missiles.

"For every Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison there are dozens of Albert Einsteins and Elon Musks and Wernher von Brauns", he said.

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