Your Gmail May Have a Handy Self-Destructing E-Mail Feature Soon

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NATION-NOW The 5 best space TV shows to binge-watch this weekend in honor of 'Lost in Space' The 5 best space TV shows to binge-watch

Leaked screenshots reveal what's in store for browser users, including a number of new features that are now only available inside Google's mobile apps. The compact view will be similar to the current Gmail design, something that current users should be happy about. That means you'll be able to draft and read some emails without an internet connection. The publication's report notes that email services have to be compatible with multiple email providers and email clients.

"Weak data connectivity‚ high data costs and low RAM or storage space often make it hard for people to get the most out of the internet - Google Go is built to handle these challenges‚" the company said in a statement. But the two services remain separate from one another and Inbox may be a testing ground for new Gmail features. The new design includes some subtle elements of Google's Material Design, and a number of new features that were originally introduced for Google's Inbox overhaul of Gmail. The compose window also switches to a blue color scheme, letting the user know they're not just sending a normal message. You'll also be able to add a passcode to the email. The recipient had to log into their Google account once again to view the content. In 2017, Gmail had 1.2 billion active worldwide users.

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Users can choose from three view setting - now "Display density" - for their inbox.

Gmail (the desktop browser version) is getting revamped according to an email sent to users from Google. This is because Google is now asking users to confirm their Google account to view the confidential email. G Suite customers and the regular Gmail accounts may receive the updates and some of the compatibility aspects checked out and then the rollout may happen.

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Additionally, when viewing a confidential email, Google reportedly disables the ability to copy or print anything in the email - though as the images in TechCrunch's story prove, there's nothing stopping someone from taking a screenshot or even a picture with a nearby smartphone.

A particular bugbear is so-called bloatware - the pre-installed apps that many consumers don't want and never use but can't uninstall.

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