Stay safe this tax season, avoid IRS scams

Stay safe this tax season, avoid IRS scams

Stay safe this tax season, avoid IRS scams

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, also known as VITA, is made up of trained volunteers who can help you get your taxes together and file them.

What's important to know is neither the IRS nor any government agency will ever call you. Though the amount owed per person may not seem substantial, when totaled this money makes a huge difference in our ability to provide the city services that our residents, workers and visitors expect.

You actually have an extra couple of days this year, up to April 17.

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Sudhir Kaushik, co-founder and CFO,, says that the primarily responsibility of an early tax refund lies with the taxpayer. If you get one calculation wrong-like incorrectly adding, instead of subtracting, deductions than it is sure that your refund would be delayed. It does protect the corporation's right to claim deductions and credits if the IRS later determines that the company actually has US tax liability and is required to file a completed Form 1120-F.

"NTEU encourages Congress to recognize the need for higher, stable funding levels for the IRS to undo the damage from years of budget cuts", he said, saying the IRS has reduced the number of its full-time employees by about 22,000 since 2010.

Avoid last-minute tax returns filing: If you get the return in just before the tax deadline, you're part of the grand swarm of last-minute filers. Since the penalties for filing after April 17 are based on having to write a check because of having a balance due, that means, by default, that if a return is filed after April 17 by a taxpayer that has a refund coming, there should be no penalty for filing after April 17.

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The recently passed $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill provided about $11.4 billion for the IRS in fiscal year 2018, including $2.5 billion for taxpayer services - a $350 million boost from the previous year.

Now if run out of time all together, just file an extension. In the meantime, may the 2018 tax filing season rest in peace. If there is a legitimate reason that you can not, get an approved extension as soon as possible, make the necessary payment of estimated taxes, then work out payment terms with the IRS to minimize any damage.

Why? One common explanation is that March 1, 1914, was a year and some change after the institution of the 16th Amendment, which cemented Congress's power to collect income tax upon its ratification in February 1913.

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Though the refund amounts vary per individual, the average refund left on the table by IN residents is approximately $1,073. If depositing a tax return in a collection box Tuesday, the USPS suggests double-checking the pickup time on the collection box. This year requesting an extension will only give taxpayers to Monday, Oct. 15 to file.

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