'Star Wars Battlefront II' adds Ewoks to 'Night on Endor'

Microtransactions are set to return to Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 'Night on Endor' Update Lets You Play as Ewoks

Crystals Return – and Some Special Appearances Our April update isnt just about Ewok Hunt.

Not only will the new game mode be added, but there will also be new Endor-themed cosmetic items added for certain heroes. The set-up for the mode sounds like the the Ewoks will be defending their home of Endor in a nighttime ambush of the Stormtroopers that have invaded their land. In Ewok Hunt, you'll play as either an Ewok or a Stormtrooper - if you're an Ewok, your goal is to eliminate all Stormtrooper players, while the Stormtroopers have to survive an undetermined amount of time as they wait for extraction.

Microtransactions are set to return to Star Wars Battlefront 2

However, the stormtroopers superior training and firepower are more than a match for the frantic Ewoks. EA and developer DICE temporarily removed microtransactions from Battlefront II, and later made changes to the game's progression system to make it more linear and less grindy. More than 50 new Appearances are coming in the update, including Wounded Chewbacca, Scarred Kylo Ren, Administrator Lando, and 40 new Trooper Appearances. Real-world currency can only be used to purchase Crystals, which are only redeemable for Appearances (learn more about Crystals in our FAQ).

The update goes live on April 18 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and includes various other tweaks and balance fixes.

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A new game mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 will let players relive the battle between the Ewoks and Imperial stormtroopers on the forest moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi. However, for those who aren't looking to spend their hard-earned cash on Battlefront 2 crystals (and we really can't blame you for that), then you'll also be able to purchase these cosmetic skins using credits you can earn in-game.

First things first: the system will arrive with the upcoming Night on Endor patch, which is set to release on April 18th.

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What makes it worse (for the stormtroopers at least) is that the mode also takes a page out of Halo's "Infection" gametype.

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