Extra glass of wine, beer takes 30 minutes off your life

Extra glass of wine, beer takes 30 minutes off your life

Extra glass of wine, beer takes 30 minutes off your life

The new study showed that the top of the safe limit for weekly drinking was about five drinks a week, which translates to just over five United Kingdom pints (or 95 ounces in the U.S.) of beer with a 4% alcohol by volume or five 175ml (or 29.5 ounces in the U.S.) of wine with a 13% alcohol by volume.

Drinking as little as an extra glass of wine a night could shorten your life by thirty minutes according to a new study.

The study included data from 600,000 drinkers in 19 countries. Half the group reported drinking more than six glasses of wine per week and 8.4 percent drank more than 21 glasses per week, according to report.

Likewise someone consuming 100-200g per week or 200-350g per week shaved an estimated six months or one to two years of their life expectancy.

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They recommend a woman consumes no more than 11 standard drinks or 110g of pure alcohol each week while men are allowed up to 17 standard drinks or 170g pure alcohol a week.

Those drinking more than 350g of alcohol per week - equivalent to almost 44 units or 19 pints of beer - had an estimated lower life expectancy at age 40 of four to five years compared to a drinker consuming less than 100g per week.

Dr Angela Wood, from the University of Cambridge, .

In contrast, drinking more was associated with a lower risk of non-fatal heart attacks.

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It also showed that drinking at any level increased the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

Although it concluded that alcohol did lower the risk of non-fatal heart attacks, it found that "on balance" there were no health benefits from drinking. The decision was hotly debated and criticized at the time, but the new study supports the maximum of 14 units a week for both men and women set out by England's chief medical officer.

Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), said the study seemed to "broadly reinforce" government guidelines in the UK. Once you start consuming more than the recommended amount on a regular basis, you could get into trouble.

Commenting on the study Prof David Spiegelhalter of the University of Cambridge, said: "This is a massive and very impressive study". This works out at about an hour per day.

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We won't bore you with the math it takes to figure out how many units of alcohol are in your drink, but instead, provide this handy guide that shows that on average, a glass of red wine has two units of alcohol while white wine has three.

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