Cops who claimed mice ate missing marijuana fired

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Isn't this the plot of that children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Eight Argentina police have seen their careers go up in smoke after stealing half a ton of marijuana from an evidence room and claiming instead that mice had eaten it.

6,000 kg marijuana had been kept in storage two years ago. But when police inspected the evidence warehouse sometime later, they found that 540 kilograms were missing.

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The city's former police commissioner and several officers claim that the missing marijuana was "eaten by mice".

They claimed rodents had eaten the stockpile after it was discovered missing during an inspection at the warehouse for impounded drugs in Pilar, 60 kilometers away from Buenos Aires.

It's highly unlikely that there were mice running around making little mice edibles.

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However, scientists at Buenos Aires University cast doubt on the claim.

That explanation didn't fly with forensics experts, who testified that mice wouldn't have mistaken marijuana for food - and if they had done so, "a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse", a spokesperson for Judge Adrián González Charvay said.

We've all heard the excuse about a dog eating a child's homework, but police officers in Argentina have chose to use the slightly less believable excuse of mice eating marijuana to avoid punishment.

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The police officers now go back before the judge on 4 May amid an investigation over whether the drugs' disappearance was down to "expedience or negligence", Britain's The Guardian newspaper reported.

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