Sitting Democrat fights to keep his seat in contentious primary battle

Rep. Dan Lipinski D-Ill

Rep. Dan Lipinski D-Ill

While the Associated Press has declared Lipinski the victor, and Newman conceded Wednesday morning in a statement released to the media.

Lipinski has bucked his party on a bevy of defining issues.

Befitting his low-key public persona, Lipinski was headed to the airport before noon Wednesday, trying to get back to Washington, D.C., to cast votes in the House before a big spring snowstorm sweeping up the East Coast made travel more hard, according to campaign spokesman Matthew Mayer. Trucking company worker Joe Nowak of Summit says he voted for Lipinski because he's comfortable with him.

Newman said those views made him a poor fit for a district that covers much of Chicago's southwest side and neighboring suburbs, describing him as a "far right radical Republican" in an interview with Reuters.

But Lipinski, who hadn't faced a serious challenge since he took his House seat over from his father in 2005, warned that candidates like Newman are creating a "Tea Party of the left" that is driving Democrats away from kitchen-table issues and uniting economic values.

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And Newman argued that Lipinski's positions on a host of issues put him at odds with the majority of his constituents. Dan Lipinski is a pro-life hero of legendary courage and integrity ...

The primary battle exposed lingering divisions within the party as Mrs. Newman collected endorsements from Mr. Sanders, and Democracy for America, as well as Planned Planned Parenthood Action, NARAL-Pro Choice America and EMILY's List, which accused Mr. Lipinski of putting "women's reproductive health care in jeopardy". In the absence of another pro-life alternative, the Susan B. Anthony List announced last week that it had volunteers canvass the district to mobilize turnout for Lipinski. "It was, plain and simple, about abortion and an effort to "purify" the Democratic Party of pro-life voices".

"We have to be an inclusive, big-tent party", Lipinski said. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) endorsed him, having said previous year that the party should not have a litmus test on issues like abortion.

Newman allies have suggested she may seek a rematch in 2020 against the congressman, looking to build off the name ID she cultivated in this race.

"The problem is [Lipinski] is a straight-up Republican, so of course I look like I'm very left when in reality I'm just a true-blue Democrat", Newman said. Lipinski has picked up endorsements from 27 union groups, including the endorsement of the Illinois AFL-CIO, which has the third largest union membership in the nation. In a rare move, two sitting representatives from Illinois: Rep. Jan Schakowsky of the state's 9th district and Rep. Luis Gutierrez of the 4th, broke with tradition and endorsed Newman over their colleague. He also benefited from spending by United for Progress, a super PAC with links to advocacy group No Labels.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee initially declined to endorse Lipinski, but changed their minds about two weeks ago.

Newman also had the backing of Vermont independent Sen.

He is expected to win the general election in November by a wide margin.

Meanwhile, a Holocaust denier who the GOP has denounced as a Nazi won the Republican primary after running unopposed.

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