Irish regulator 'following up' with Facebook on third party data use

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Many MPs praised journalists at Channel 4 News and the Observer for their work in exposing how Cambridge Analytica had both harvested and stored personal data from Facebook users.

Alexander Nix is the chief executive of Cambridge Analytica.

"Cambridge Analytica & data harvesting: the only protection is to set in law that personal data is part of individual property to which they have full property rights and that this can not be used without their formal agreement, including the right to share in the profits created", he wrote.

Authorities from the UK Information Commissioner's Office are in the process of obtaining a search warrant to examine the internal servers of the firm.

"Your officials' answers have consistently understated this risk, and have been misleading to the committee".

You can, however, control your data going through Facebook's API (Application Programming Interface) which is how developers integrate their apps with the social media giant. "Given your commitment at the start of the New Year to "fixing" Facebook, I hope this representative will be you".

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Meanwhile, Facebook stocks fell 7% on Monday-the most in a single day over five years.

Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, called Facebook's latest privacy scandal a "danger signal".

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The commissioner said she was investigating possible breaches of privacy in the company's use of Facebook data.

Well, no. The political research firm Cambridge Analytica, which is in the news for all the wrong reasons, is not named after our fair city. Neither Facebook nor FTC commented on the investigation. Parscale used the firm's statistical models to flood likely Trump supporters with Facebook ads. But the stakes are bigger this time.

The reported reason behind the move is "internal disagreements over how the social network should deal with its role in spreading disinformation".

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Facebook said Kogan then violated its policies by passing the data to Cambridge Analytica. However, Denham gave the firm a deadline to produce the information she requested - and it failed to meet it, her office said.

United Kingdom regulators are seeking a warrant to search the offices of the political consultancy research firm Cambridge Analytica which is at the centre of a trans-Atlantic probe into a massive Facebook data breach.

Cambridge Analytica, headquartered in London, is known to aid political campaigns through voter profiles crafted via extensive data mining. He goes on to describe questions he faced from the House Intelligence Committee. A date has not been set, and it's unclear if Republicans on the panel will attend.

Mr Nix said he had a "huge amount of regrets about the fact that we, maybe, undertook this meeting and spoke with a certain amount of hyperbole about some of the things that we do".

Facebook said it had been told that the data were destroyed. But he said he was blindsided on Friday with a news release that identified him as a suspect in the case. It's also no secret that Cambridge Analytica saw itself on the cutting edge of psychographic profiling.

British television station Channel 4 secretly recorded video that seems to show the head of the company, Alexander Nix, talking about using bribery and sex workers as tactics to achieve success in campaigns around the world.

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"The Irish DPC is following up with Facebook Ireland in relation to what forms of active oversight of app developers and third parties that utilise their platform is in place with a view to ensuring it is effective", said a spokesman for Ms Dixons's office. The entire company is outraged we were deceived. Facebook found out about the events in 2015, but was told that Cambridge Analytica, Wylie and Kogan had deleted the data.

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