Ubisoft Finally Blocks Vivendi's Acquisition Attempt for Good

Vivendi Ousted as Ubisoft Investor as It Turns Its Eyes to China & Tencent

Ubisoft Finally Blocks Vivendi's Acquisition Attempt for Good

But today the they announced a surprise deal that will see Vivendi drop its Ubisoft holdings entirely, and guarantee that it won't acquire any new shares in the company for five years. That's a fair price for Vivendi-Ubisoft's share price pushed $72 earlier this month, but dipped to $62.64 in February. This ends Vivendi's bid to takeover Ubisoft. But Ubisoft has to be seen as the big victor here, as it managed to not only avoid the Vivendi takeover it's been struggling against, but actually eliminated the threat entirely.

"The evolution of our shareholders is an excellent news for Ubisoft".

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While Ubisoft bought back 8.1 percent of its capital from Vivendi, other investors stepped in to gain a stake in the company as well. "It was made possible thanks to the outstanding execution of our strategy and the decisive support of Ubisoft talents, players and shareholders. The arrival of (Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan and Tencent) highlights the trust they have in our creative potential and Ubisoft buying back shares will have our positive impact on all of the shareholders", said Yves Guillemot.

Ending a bitter battle with the Guillemot brothers to take over Ubisoft, Vivendi has unloaded its majority stake in the Paris-based video game powerhouse for €2 billion ($2.4 billion).

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A big part of this story is Tencent's march toward acquiring more of the worldwide gaming industry. However, the deal does not include any provisions about Tencent's future as an Ubisoft investor or controller. The massive Chinese company has acquired 5% of Ubisoft's capital, and will enter into a partnership with the French publisher to expand the reach of Ubisoft games in China, including as-yet-unspecified titles on PC and mobile.

"The new strategic partnership agreement we signed [with Tencent] will enable Ubisoft to accelerate its development in China in the coming years and fully leverage a market with great potential", said Guillemot.

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