Microsoft is going to make the Windows update process slightly less awful

Microsoft is going to make the Windows update process slightly less awful

Microsoft is going to make the Windows update process slightly less awful

When we install the updates on Windows it is always a slow process.

Microsoft says that with the Creators Update that was released in April 2017, the "offline" phase of the install phase lasted on average 82 minutes for users. That's slightly longer than it takes to watch Army of Darkness.

"We'll continue to pursue further improvements to the feature update installation process", adds Conway, pointing out the Creators Update early past year took an average of 82 minutes to install. This has resulted in an overall reduction of offline time when installing builds in the Insiders Program to an average of 30 minutes.

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The changes to the Windows Update model.

There have been three major updates to this point-Anniversary Update, Creators Update, and Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft today released Windows 10 SDK build 17120, which is meant this time for developers to use with any supported consumer-facing Windows 10 builds. In order to accomplish this, the company began moving work that was once done in the offline phases to the online phases.

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In a blog post last week, Microsoft explained that its biannual feature updates (which are far more substantial than the more frequent quality updates) consist of four phases, each of which occurs either "online" or "offline". Online phases happen while you continue to use the PC, where as offline phases take full control forcing the user to wait while they finish. Same goes for migrating drivers and other files that Windows requires. "Because of these changes, the online phase for the feature update will take longer to complete", writes Microsoft's Joseph Conway.

This is compared to an average of 51 minutes for the previous big feature update, the Fall Creators Update which landed towards the end of past year. This will vary by PC, of course, but the bottom line is that the Spring Creators Update will install much quicker.

This will soon extend beyond places to cover your Interests, Family, Accounts and more. In fact, Microsoft has been under fire for forcing updates on users and even taking over their machines to apply updates.

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