Die Hard 6 Script Reportedly Being Rewritten by The Conjuring Writers

Die Hard Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis' New “Die Hard” Movie Enlists “The Conjuring” Scribes to Rewrite Script (Exclusive)

The sixth Die Hard film is coming together.

Last month, Bruce Willis confirmed that the much-awaited "Die Hard" sequel is still alive despite lack of updates about the project.

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20th Century Fox has reportedly hired "The Conjuring" duo Chad and Carey Hayes to rewrite the next installment in the "Die Hard" franchise.

The brothers Hayes have Amblin Entertainment's upcoming haunted house movie The Turning starring Mackenzie Davis, Finn Wolfhard and Brooklynn Prince, due for release later in the year.

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The franchise has gone on to produce a number of video games, and a comic book, and later in 2017 was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry. Rumour has it they will also be writing Journey to the Center of the Earth 4. He previously directed Live Free or Die Hard, the PG-13 Die Hard movie that had John McClane launching a vehicle at a helicopter and taking down a fighter jet, and now he wants to do an origin story for Bruce Willis' iconic cop.

The original idea that did the rounds when the film was first announced saw Bruce Willis retelling a story from his early days as a beat cop in NY in the '70s, with a younger actor in that role, and the two timelines intersecting at various points. The film will reportedly toggle back and forth between past and present timelines and will provide a conclusion to the long-running franchise.

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The problem here is that if McClane does something impressive in the 1970s, it minimizes his heroics in the original Die Hard because you wonder why people wouldn't already know him. Since then, he has reprised his role in all its succeeding sequels.

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