'This Is Us' Season Finale Teases Future Death of Beth

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"I'm so excited for everyone to see the finale". Zeile joked that the This Is Us family have been through 3,080 boxes of tissues to help dry their eyes. But while one chapter closed, another one opened.

"He'll go 'sugar rush!' and then gets Nerds, SweeTarts", the actress told Us.

Time flies when you're watching and sobbing to This Is Us, and tonight we've finally reached the second season finale of the NBC/Fox series with the episode,"The Wedding".

"It's something I think a lot of the audience would have loved to see is this man in his 70s and we're hoping that it maybe softens the blow a little bit of the fact that he's not around anymore..."

-We see Toby in bed, depressed.

So curl up with a glass of wine and snuggle up under the covers as we dissect just what those season-ending cliffhangers mean for our favorite TV family. He's on a flight headed to Vietnam with an old photograph of Jack and his brother, Nicky, in Army fatigues during the Vietnam War (the same photo we saw in the episode, "Brothers"). But he's not alone. Though the show made its name partially on the Modern Family-esque twist at the end of its pilot episode, at this point, we don't need a vague flash-forward to a catatonic Toby to know that his and Kate's happiness is fragile.

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Rumors have been swirling that a major character could be kicking the bucket, and if we're ever going to find out if that's true, it'll be in the season finale. Did Zoe factor into it at all?

"For who? We're not sure", Sullivan said. Kevin tells Toby he's running late to pick up his parents at the airport. Toby's parents will be introduced, while Rebecca (Mandy Moore) walks on thin ice to avoid ruining this day for her daughter.

While Randall, Beth, Tess and Annie enjoy the brief respite from the uncertainty that's about to come to their family and after wondering where Deja has run off to, we see Deja taking a baseball bat and smashing Randall's vehicle. The only family member who seems to be affected the most by Deja's absence at the function is Tess, whose anxious expression is quite telling. They're set to begin the adoption process but are scared about what the future holds. "Me neither", Randall concedes, before Tess gets up from her chair. It would make sense for it to be Deja that they were referencing, as her aforementioned violent turn could certainly serve as Exhibit A. They're an unlikely pair, but have more in common than anybody would think, which is, of course, the layers of the friendship. Perhaps it was misdirection, and the flash-forward wasn't about Beth at all; perhaps Beth really will die of cancer; perhaps in the future, she's actually suffering from something more complicated, like Alzheimer's.

Randall: She might kill us both not in our sleep.

Beth: She'll make Tess resent us and end up on the pole.

Randall: Wait, Tess will resent us and Deja will end up on the pole?

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This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia also talked to E!

Beth: Both on the pole. Or does Beth fall ill and wind up on life support as a result of years of worry and stress caused by Deja?

The series has also taken what easily could have been a exhausted subplot, involving Randall's foster child Deja (Lyric Ross), and in the last few episodes broadened that into something more resonant than clich├ęd, while presenting Randall with a parenting challenge that, as is so often true on the show, ties into his past while simultaneously hinting at his future.

Hannah Zeile also teased the future of This Is Us.

This would also explain why Beth is not with Randall to meet Tess in the previous flash forward. Or when Randall says "it's time to go see her", he could be referring to Beth (or Annie)'s final resting place. We know Rebecca was there right after the doctors tried - and failed - to save his life. Sometimes we tend to project them on other people, and it's just unfortunate because when there's this heightened state of emotional play, be that a wedding or any of those events, things start to kind of bubble up.

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