Solar storm could hit Earth this week

Massive magnetic storm to hit EARTH on March 18; here is how it can affect you (Watch Video)

A huge solar storm is heading our way and gigantic 'cracks' are opening up in Earth's magnetic field

Instead, the storm that will take place on March 18 is just a feeble solar storm which is classified as a G1 category and will not harm any electrical types of equipment at all. Fortunately, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there is no chance for such a scenario happening.

A solar storm is actually expected to impact the Earth from March 14 to March 15, but it certainly isn't massive.

Solar storms often occur when the Sun belches out a flare and a coronal mass ejection (CME).

In an emailed statement to Newsweek, NOAA Space Weather Forecast Center chief Robert Rutledge told the publication that reports of a "massive" geomagnetic storm affecting our planet on March 18 may have been blown out of proportion. The most extreme storms can impact satellites and disrupt power grids on Earth.

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"With no sunspot regions on the visible side of the Sun, solar activity was very low, with no flares observed", the space weather report for the past 24 hours reads.

The magnetic storm's "imminent" arrival was one of Monday morning's top science news stories, according to Google News.

NOAA officials also reported that all that has started from a misreading of the geomagnetic storms charts released online by the Russian Lebedev Institute. That elevated activity is expected to be a minor storm at most. G1 storms happen frequently, about 2,000 times every 11 years, or once every two days.

The scientists created this scale based in part on an index generated from the amount of magnetic deviation which is produced through a storm in combination with measurements of different currents including "auroral electrojets" and the "field-aligned current". When compared to 1859, yet another similarly intense storm was seen in 2012 which disrupted power grids, however, it was not too risky since it flyby near Earth with a margin of nine days.

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A massive geomagnetic storm would be a really big deal. However, they are also well-equipped to predict space weather and events such as geomagnetic storms.

Whilst it's not strong enough to blast humanity back to the Stone Age, it could play havoc with the satellites which power the world's communication networks.

If you're unconvinced that everything is going to be fine on March 18, the website has some tips. Tips include making sure you get groceries ready and gas in the auto, amongst other things.

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