Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC Release Date Revealed

Monster Hunter World Adding Deviljho Week

Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC Release Date Revealed

This upcoming Monster Hunter World update - which is set to be released on March 22nd - will not only add Deviljho to the game but will also add a new series of quests related to the creature and a new series of rewards players can earn by completing said quests. A lumbering bipedal brute wyvern, the Deviljho strikes a threatening figure and is prone to interrupting and attacking hunters who are in the middle of quests that have nothing to do with him - very similar to "Monster Hunter World's" Bazelgeuse.

There is likely to be a patch beforehand, so ensure Monster Hunter: World is updated to the latest version to make sure you can take part.

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Update: Capcom has gone over all the new updates in a blog post.

The introduction of Deviljho will see the monster being introduced to quests, encounters, and free-roaming exploration of the game's world.

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The "Hunter Appearance Ticket" will be available as a paid item in Spring 2018. Starting in April players will be able to enter the Gathering Hall for a completely redecorated area, complete with new outfits for all the official Guild members waiting to help hunters. This update will also allow players to change their appearance for free, but all subsequent attempts to alter your appearance will cost real-world money. These will include widespread weapon balancing encompassing nearly every weapon in the game, quality of life adjustments, an option to return to return to order the gathering hall after your quest ends, improved loading times, and - finally! - the ability to change the appearance of your character. Still, with many of us have fallen out of love with our in-game avatar, it'll be nice to finally change the face beneath all that hefty gear.

In addition to Deviljho the March 22 update will also be balancing every weapon type, aside from both light and heavy bowguns, in various ways to accommodate players.

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