IN white nationalist leader arrested for assault

Still via ABC News  YouTube

Still via ABC News YouTube

It is unclear whether Jessica Parrott is related to Heimbach's wife.

A police report shared by SPLC indicates that Parrott said his wife and Heimbach were having an affair for three months, but claimed they had recently ended it. Parrott and his step daughter didn't believe it, so they had Parrott's wife try to bait Heimbach into hooking up with her while they watched from a box (and recorded) outside a trailer window.

The freakish drama unfolded around 1am when Heimbach's wife and Matt Parrott, the spokesman for Heimbach's Traditionalist Worker Party group, confronted Heimbach about him having an affair with Parrott's wife.

Heimbach faces four charges including strangulation, intimidation, battery and domestic battery committed in the presence of a child.

'He grabbed and injured my hand after I poked his chest then choked me out with his arm, ' Parrott told police.

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Matthew Heimbach said the affair was over, but Matt Parrott and Brooke Heimbach set up something of a sting operation to see if that was actually true.

When the officer went inside the home, she said she learned Heimbach had attacked his wife; pushing her and grabbing her face. Not long after, Parrott "threw a chair at [Heimbach] to make him leave and [Heimbach] proceeded to then choke him again in the same manner as before".

Brooke, who made a recording of Heimbach's demands, later wrote in an affidavit that he "kicked the wall" when she refused to shoo away the cops. Matthew Heimbach was then taken to jail before being released on $1,005 bond, which was posted by Jessica Parrott.

For years, Heimbach had worked closely with Matthew Parrott, his father-in-law, in building the Traditionalist Worker Party into an organization that could tour the country, calling for the fracture of the pursuit of a whites-only ethno-state.

Tuesday's arrest isn't the first time Heimbach has gotten in trouble with the law. In 2017, Heimbach pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for shoving an anti-Donald Trump protester at a rally.

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A weird romantic entanglement involving leaders of a white nationalist organization ended in violence, an arrest and one leader's departure, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported.

A confrontation ensued between Heimbach and Matt Parrott. "Y'all have a nice life".

'I have attempted to be a positive, uplifting, and unifying voice in the nationalist cause. 'My focus from here on out will be exclusively infrastructure and logistics'.

Heimbach began publicly arguing with neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin, who accused Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party for hurting the alt-right's public image. The group, according to its Facebook page, focuses on the interests of white Americans who "for decades have been abandoned by the System and actively attacked by globalists and traitorous politicians".

A confrontation ensued between Heimbach and Matt Parrott.

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