Google Home can now set location-based reminders on your phone

Google Assistant Routines feature arrives multiple actions with a single phrase

Google Home can now set location-based reminders on your phone

If you say, "remind me to grab some cereal from the grocery store", then you'll be notified when you get to a grocery store.

With the "Hey Google, bedtime" command, the assistant would put the phone on silent, talk about the next day's weather and first calendar event, set an alarm, adjust lights, thermostat, plugs, adjust the volume, set a sleep timer and even play sleep sounds.

What's new here isn't so much location-based reminders, of course, but the ability to set them on one device and have them appear on another. It seems like the Good Morning routine is right now the only one that is live, as stated by Android Police but very soon the others should be enabled.

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Previously, users were only able to set location-based reminders on their phones and not on Google Home devices.

The long-awaited multi-step routines have just started to roll out to customers in the U.S. Last October, Google first announced that it was following Amazon's footsteps and adding the multistep smart home routines. Instead, you get the reminders on your phone as you reach the store.

With Google Assistant, you can also set up different, customised Routines for each individual in the household, once you've sorted out Voice Match for your devices to recognise you and provide your personal info.

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A location-based reminder is triggered, as the name indicates when you're at a certain location. For example, "Hey Google, remind me to pick up some bacon at Wal Mart" will trigger a notification only when you're around a Wal Mart, while "Hey Google, remind me to pick up flowers from the florist" will trigger when you're near any florist.

Remember how long it took Google to make reminders work on Google Home?

That's all likely to improve as time goes on, and as the Assistant learns to differentiate more accurately.

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