Dog Dies in Overhead Bin on United Flight, Airline Apologizes

Irgo a 10-year-old German shepherd was mistakenly flown to Japan instead of Kansas City Mo

Irgo a 10-year-old German shepherd was mistakenly flown to Japan instead of Kansas City Mo

A dog has allegedly died on a United Airlines flight from Houston to NY after passengers say a flight attendant ordered that the animal be put in an overhead bin.

A United Airlines passenger's beloved french bulldog died when a flight attendant ordered the dog be put in an overhead bin.

Passengers reported the dog barked for the first thirty minutes of the flight, but remained quiet for the duration of the journey.

When the flight attendant came by, she told the woman needed to place the carrier in the overhead bin.

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When the plane landed, the dog was dead.

"There was some back and forth before finally the flight attendant convinced her to move the carrier to the bin above", she said. Gremminger said she didn't see the woman check on the dog.

United has suffered a string of incidents that generated bad publicity in the past two years, including the violent removal of a passenger from a United Express plane to make room for a crew member, and the death of a giant rabbit - its Iowa owners sued the airline, which they said cremated the animal to destroy evidence about the cause of death.

United Airlines told NBC 5 in Chicago it was a "tragic accident that should never have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin". "And sleep deprived. And so, so, so sad for those lovely people who never knew what was happening right above them".

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"They INSISTED that the puppy be locked up for three hours without any kind of airflow", he wrote on Facebook. "They assured the safety of the family's pet", June Lara wrote.

He said the puppy was traveling with his wife Catalina and their two kids back home to NY from a visit with him in Houston, where he is now working.

According to Department of Transportation statistics on animal incidents on US carriers, United has the highest rate of incidents involving loss, injury or death of animals during air transportation, with 2.24 incidents every 10,000 animals transported.

United released a statement Tuesday apologizing for the incident.

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