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Chadwick Boseman in a scene from

Chadwick Boseman in a scene from"Black Panther

The Black Panther director recalls how DuVernay, a publicist turned director, was "already one of [his] heroes" before he met her, given that he admired her 2010 and 2012 films I Will Follow and Middle of Nowhere.

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It said there was also evidence that the conductor abused and harassed "vulnerable artists in the early stages of their careers". The Metropolitan Opera said in a statement on Monday that an independent inquiry had "uncovered credible evidence that Mr.

Coogler, who recently directed the Marvel hit Black Panther showed some serious love for DuVernay on the opening day of her film A Wrinkle In Time, writing a heartfelt ode to their friendship and the incredible woman she is for espnW. But I can't honestly do that. It made the cast more racially diverse, and added a splash of fantastical imagery, even as it controversially stripped it of its Christian themes.

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The best aspect of A Wrinkle in Time is its message, which can be boiled down to Oprah Winfrey's line "Be a warrior". While its focus on kindness and love is important, I thought it could have easily brought in so much more. As the heroine, Meg Murry, she is in almost every frame, navigating mean girls at school, the loss of her father and even interdimensional travel. The story was written before the various tropes such as this one even existed, but when adapted to the screen, seems like a poorly executed rip-off of other movie franchises like Divergent and The Hunger Games. Dad (not really the nerdy type we imagined from the book, but it's Chris Pine so, OK) had been exploring serious issues involving time travel. And instead of the twins, the audience gets more of Kate Murry, Meg's mother, as well as a more intimate look into the marriage and working relationship between her and Meg's father, Alex. I wanted to be the girl that I thought boys liked. I didn't want to be a dork. I would have realized that I had everything I needed to be a self-assured, vibrant, attractive person.

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So far in the franchise's history, all eight films - including the two spin-offs "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and the Han Solo standalone movie - have been directed by white male filmmakers. Seeing Meg get complimented by Calvin (Levi Miller), someone she considers out of her league, is special since it's he's complimenting the two things black and biracial girls are often told aren't attractive - her intelligence and her coily, non-Eurocentric hair. However, we're also told she has the greatest potential and when she lets go of her negative feelings, she is able to free her little brother from IT's influence. I've been writing film reviews for a few years now, and I always try my hardest to avoid using the word. So, it might be useful if we clarify a couple of elements of the story, and how it ends. From Winston Churchill, to Outkast, to the modern-day Poet Laureate himself Lin-Manuel Miranda, all of the quotes were poignant and integral to the tasks and journey that Meg had laid before her. Yet what makes "A Wrinkle in Time" immediately appealing beyond a star-making performance by Reid and some tremendously striking compositions is its belief in young girls' ability to persist through darkness.

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