This 3D Printed Small Concrete House Costs Just $10000

Startups unveil $4000 home built with a 3-D printer

This Company Will 3D Print a House for $10000

A collaboration between housing non-profit New Story and construction technology firm Icon aims to use 3D printing technology to house the homeless.

The Texas-based builders will collaborate with housing solutions nonprofit company New Story to actualize their vision of making sustainable and quality homes, which everyone can access due to its affordable pricing. The home is similar in nature to the Apis Cor house and measures just 350 sq ft (32 sq m). ICON can print an entire home for $10,000 and plans to bring costs down to $4,000 per house, whereas, some American homes, 200 to 400-square-feet in size cost almost $40,000.

ICON has developed a method for 3D-printing of a single-story 650-square-foot house out of cement in just 12 to 24 hours. And now the price to build a home is coming down.

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Once testing is complete on their model, the Vulcan printer will be moved to El Salvador to begin construction.

New Story explains on its website that previous year, the technology they needed to create homes quickly and cheaply wasn't available yet. The model features a living room, bathroom, a curved porch, and bedroom. "There are a few other companies that have printed homes and structures", Ballard added. The 650-square-foot single story homes have a modern design. For this venture to succeed, they have to be the best houses... The company claims that "It's much cheaper than the typical American home".

The printer itself can be transported from location to location using a truck, and is estimated to have the capacity to print up to 1,000 houses.

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The Versa watch has a square display that will remind you more of Pebble's most recent devices than of the Apple Watch . If the design looks familiar, that's because it's a redesign of the company's old fitness tracker , the Fitbit Ultra.

Recently some Americans also have chosen to downsize into smaller homes but these also cost almost $40,000 and are only between 200 and 400-square-feet in size. That's not all, the company is also already looking past El Salvador and the United States into space. He explains: "One of the big challenges is how are we going to create habitats in space..."

3D-printing has turned out to be more available all around the world, be that as it may, the appropriation of any vast scale usage of 3D-printing innovation is as yet a test. 3D printing innovation empowers you to deliver complex (practical) shapes utilizing less material than customary assembling strategies and it is additionally time effective.

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