The Room Star Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Is Actually Terrifying

Scary Wiseau in his audition belted out'What doesn't kill you make you stranger

Scary Wiseau in his audition belted out'What doesn't kill you make you stranger

Now Wiseau finally gets his chance to really put a smile on that face in a new parody video via The Nerdist in which he "auditioned" to be The Joker, acting out lines from Heath Ledger's performance in the "The Dark Knight", makeup and all.

Though while Wiseau isn't too great as the Joker, Greg Sestero isn't exactly killing it as Batman either. No kidding, it's going to tear the DCEU apart!

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Hey, why not? If Todd Phillips can go from making a scrappy documentary about GG Allin to directing the Scorsese-produced Joker Origin series, why can't it star the guy who took three hours and 32 takes to say, "Oh hi, Mark!" And why not? They're both self-made men, both constantly laughing, and both do their own thing no matter how unusual it seems to everyone else.

Meanwhile, The Disaster Artist is out on Blu-ray on March 13.

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So, has this audition tape turned anyone around on the idea of Tommy as The Joker? And we'd love to hear the Joker say, "Oh hi, Batman". The question is whether or not Warner Bros. will give it to him, or if they'll be a bunch of chickens-cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep! Given how bad of an actor the guy really is, it was obviously a performance that we'd never get a chance to see, and while I would never want to see Wiseau actually take on the serious role, I would LOVE to see a little bit of what we COULD expect should Wiseau actually take it on. Let us know down below with a rating of one to five teardrops.

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