Dodgeville singer makes her mark on American Idol

Katy Perry surprises Oklahoma native with kiss on American Idol premiere

Dodgeville singer makes her mark on American Idol

This opportunity will air at 7 p.m. today during the season premiere of ABC's American Idol reboot.

The show, which has undergone a makeover with new judges-Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan-and a new network (ABC), is proof the series can still hit some sweet notes 16 years after its original debut on Fox.

Of course, "American Idol" was nowhere near the show's peak audience in 2007, when 37.4 million watched the season 6 premiere. Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST!

Though there may be some disagreement on the rankings of the judging panels that followed, anyone who's ever watched "American Idol" will agree that the original Simon Cowell-Randy Jackson-Paula Abdul combination was the best and most effective.

Keep refreshing because we'll be updating our recap all episode long!

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As usual, the first episodes of "American Idol" will revolve around the auditions, so those have been pretaped. Last spring, she won the prestigious Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation Teen Talent Competition at The Fabulous Fox theater in St. Louis by singing the Whitney Houston song "I Have Nothing". I loved him. I give him an A+ for that audition. Luke: "You are interesting and brilliant beyond your years". "We're not really sure where you fit in the mainstream.' And, I guess my response to that is, I really never have fit in the mainstream, it's really not where I plan to go with my music".

"They're superstars", she said. Cute little viral "moments" may inspire short-term chatter, but compelling, magical stories are what make shows like this matter. "Your back half was much better than your front half, but i love your honesty". However, on this show, you just never know if a good personality will translate into a good audition. In the opener, Wyatt and Rufus drop in on a French battlefront during World War I. There, they learn that Lucy has recruited Marie Curie (guest star Kim Bubbs) to help save an American soldier's life. NBC. Lionel: "I know what is coming in terms of your commitment to the business, I'm thinking is it too soon or is it right the time". He gave them a little more, and they were sold. E! stood by Seacrest, keeping him on its Red Carpert coverage of last Sunday's Academy Awards.

Her next step? Heading back to Nashville. He's got star power and I think we'll be seeing a lot of him this season. Katie: "You definitely have your own distinctive quality in your voice, that is pretty dope". It's just familiar. And familiar may be enough, depending on what you're looking for.

Koby is from Denver, Co and she is a musical theatrical actress and went to school for opera. "And they're gonna be like, 'You sent me home!' And I'm like, 'Hey, thanks for proving me wrong'". "Unique" was the praise for Zach, along with "killed it" from Lionel Richie, along with a golden ticket for the teen.

"We really encourage them", said Perry.

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To borrow a song title, Luke, we're "Drunk on You".

Some of these highlights and more are featured in our top 5 audition picks below.

Harper Grace has the unfortunate distinction of being listed as the worst singer of the national anthem under major search engines, but the Texas native was determined to impress in another way with this audition. She let her younger sister sing first just for fun. And I couldn't really tell that was a song.

Luke found the singer "inspiring" and also admired the hopeful's "honesty", so he said "yes". "To change the show drastically in terms of format, I think, would be a mistake". "I just felt like it was going to be a blast to be a part of", he reflects. She gets through to Hollywood.

A Dodgeville singer/songwriter worked her way through the auditions. In the end, the judges did offer Ripa a ticket to Hollywood - but there was a catch.

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Also off to Hollywood are Maddie Poppe, 19, who plucks her guitar while reinterpreting Kermit's Muppet Movie classic "Rainbow Connection", and Ron Bultongez, 21, who hails from Plano, Texas by way of the Congo in Africa.

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