Burrito Delight salmonella outbreak peaks at 37 cases

Salmonella outbreak at a Mexican restaurant gives way to 37 cases

37 people in six Colorado counties sickened by salmonella after eating Burrito Delight

Two more confirmed cases added during the last week brought the number of illnesses in the Colorado Salmonella outbreak to 37.

According to the Weld County Health Department, 17 people from the Greeley Aims Community College campus got sick last month following events catered by Burrito Delight. An extra 20 benefactors turned out to be sick in the wake of eating nourishment specifically from Burrito Delight. There have been no new cases for as long as five days, and it shows up the flare-up has topped at 37 affirmed research center cases, as indicated by the Weld County Health Department.

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The Illinois Department of Public Health, the CDC and many other state and local health departments are in investigating a multi-state cluster of Salmonella associated with Kratom.

The Food and Drug Administration and health departments from other states are also looking into the salmonella contamination. Both routinely racked up red violations for infractions that threaten public health.

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The Burrito Delight locations in Fort Lupton and Dacono have been closed due to the investigation.

"Several employees from the restaurant have tested positive for salmonella", Wallace said. Large outbreaks are complex, and it becomes hard to isolate the index case of exposure, Wallace said.

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Salmonella symptoms usually include headache, muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, chills, fever, nausea, and dehydration. Manifestations regularly show up 6-72 hours in the wake of eating defiled sustenance and generally last 4 to 7 days without treatment. If your symptoms persist or are severe, promptly contact your health care provider. For some people, the diarrhea may become so severe they require hospitalization.

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