Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Split Up Last Year

"Justin Theroux had an fantastic birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage", the groom-to-be's rep tells People.

Back in 2004, Bradd Pitt and Jennifer Aniston walked the red carpet for a screening of "Troy" at the Cannes International Film Festival.

The tension came to a head in what the source refers to as "the bologna incident", in which Theroux came downstairs to discover that someone had covered his motorcycle in slices of bologna, and Aniston believed it was one of their neighbors who did it. Jennifer Aniston is a for real goddess who glides amongst us and she's way too good for Justin, Brad, or honestly, probably any man.

Theroux is dark, handsome and chiseled (his form is well on display in HBO's "The Leftovers."). And now for the first time the actors are both single. "He loves NY and always has". For well over a decade now they have lived totally separate lives and so not surprisingly, they have become totally different people than who they once were when they were together, ' said an insider.

The marriage was Theroux's first and Aniston's second.

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"They broke up, and they did it because they had serious issues", says the source. "He's more nomadic, more of a free spirit, he's rugged and urban and Jennifer just isn't that kind of person".

They met once again on 2012's Wanderlust and began dating shortly after, before tying the knot in a surprise ceremony at their LA home in August 2015.

E! News estimated that the couple is worth about $240 million in total, although Aniston's fortune is worth $220 million, and Theroux is worth a reported $20 million. These two deserve each other, right?

Aniston is now reportedly selling the $27 million house where the pair Wednesday in 2015 as Therouc was seen moving bags out of their NY home.

Theroux was not interviewed for the piece.

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But the bliss didn't last, according to reports coming since Thursday. But another source tells People that's highly unlikely. The last known photo of them together at the apartment was from October 1, TMZ said.

An Entertainment Tonight source also put the blame on geography, and Aniston and Theroux's oil-and-water love for Los Angeles and NY, respectively.

Just last week Aniston appeared on the cover of Architectural Digest.

The actress won't be giving a "proud" Theroux any of her almost $200 million fortune after they signed an "iron-clad" prenup. "For instance, I figured out that immediately saying 'No!' to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move". This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of previous year.

According to CNN, the statement read "This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of previous year".

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