Apple's New Speaker Making an Unwelcome Mark in Some Homes

Apple Homepod Falls Behind Rivals On AI Assistant Performance In Latest Test

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With the latest discovery of HomePod (and Sonos One) leaving "white rings" on some stained wooden tables, Pad & Quill has come out with a coaster for Apple's latest speaker.

Apple reports that the HomePod is meant for indoor use only.

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The latest in smart speaker innovation deserves state-of-the-art surface protection.

Having just spent £319/$349 on the Apple HomePod speaker, you probably didn't envision forking over another twenty bucks, just to stop it knackering your furniture.

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When I got home, I saw a large white ring, a telltale indication that the HomePod's silicone base had messed up the finish. Looking around the top of the cabinet, I noticed a bunch of little white marks, all left from the Sonos Ones as I moved them around.

In an explanation posted Wednesday, Apple said the problem occurs with speakers that, like the HomePod, are equipped with a silicon base to minimize vibration. However, unlike the HomePod which left behind prominent white circles, the Sonos One left behind four small marks. The HomePod also features Apple's assistant Siri, which is still catching up to Amazon's Alexa and Google's eponymous Assistant in responsiveness and versatility.

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According to a Sonos spokesperson, this is the first time that such an incident has been raised with one of its devices, and that the company is now investigating the situation. "Try cleaning the surface with the manufacturer's suggested oiling method". However, the smart speaker may leave some light marks in its wake when placed on wooden surfaces. A cloth placed underneath the HomePod, however, is not a good solution as the soft material will absorb the sound. Don't worry Pad & Quill, best known for their Artisan crafted leather accessories for Apple products, have you and your HomePod covered. You can pick up the leather HomePod Coaster right now on Pad & Quill's website. Even the folks at Apple themselves recommend this, especially if the ring stains are a big concern for you.

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