United States woman wakes up with British accent

Michelle and her children

Michelle and her children

It's an extremely rare condition that usually accompanies a stroke, neurological damage or other underlying medical issues.

An Arizona woman who has now been diagnosed with an extremely rare brain disorder claims she went to bed one night with a bad headache, only to wake up speaking in a different accent.

Imagine going to sleep and waking up sounding British. In other instances, she has developed Australian and Irish accents.

Myers, a former Texas beauty queen, has never left the United States, making these accent changes after she fell asleep with a headache especially perplexing.

She told ABC Arizona: "I'm sad".

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FAS is known to cause a person to speak with foreign intonation while still speaking their native language. "I feel like a different person", Myers said while looking at videos of her speaking without the accent. She's been speaking the foreign accent since then. After that incident, Myers was diagnosed with FAS.

According to the University of Texas at Dallas, cases of foreign accent syndrome have been documented around the world and have happened to people who speak a number of languages, KNXV reported.

FAS is most often caused by damage to the brain caused by a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

FAS is extremely rare and usually appears as a effect of a stroke, brain damage, and in Meyers' case, underlying medical issues. Myers also suffers from a condition that causes bruising and painful joints.

"Who would do this for attention?" "It's actually quite risky", Myers said. "The person I am now has been through so much compared to this person". "People like me - we don't care which one it is", she explained.

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According to experts, she's not insane and not faking it.

This rare condition was first recorded by French neurologist Pierre Marie in 1907 after a man in Paris spoke a local German dialect after suffering a stroke. It is possible that this might have led to Myers's unusual change in accents.

Speech changes such as consonant substitution, voicing errors, vowel distortions, and prolongations are associated with FAS.

"In the cases of psychosis, the new accent persists throughout the entire episode and may disappear after the psychotic episode subsides", the authors of a 2015 case report identifying a 34-year-old woman who had symptoms of FAS and schizophrenia wrote.

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